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Friday, June 30, 2017

Cops And Courts – June 30, 2017

Bicyclist Struck In OC

OCEAN CITY — A Pennsylvania woman was arrested and charged with drunk-driving and failure to render aid to a victim last week after allegedly hitting a bicyclist with her vehicle and then showing indifference to the victim who had suffered a broken leg.

Child Holding Up Drunk Mother

OCEAN CITY — A Pennsylvania woman was arrested on disorderly conduct and other charges last week after allegedly stumbling around the Boardwalk intoxicated while using her 10-year-old son to hold her up.

Jersey Men Scrap With Cops

OCEAN CITY — A New Jersey man was arrested on assault and other charges last weekend after scrapping with an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer who was arresting another man and was ultimately Tased.

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Anonymous said...

The sentence reads that the Officer was tased. LOL

Anonymous said...

Drunk mother - Have you been drinking? OHHHH YEAAAAH. LMAO. Such a classy resort.

Anonymous said...

This town is totally full of trash. Yep, you got local Maryland trash but these hillbillies from PA, NJ, and WVa are over the line. Thing is, they have beautiful beaches within an hour and a half of their area, but because these beaches have upped the anty on what they will and will not tolerate, the trash has flowed south to trash OCMD. I am sitting here talking to someone who just happens to be from PA and she cannot believe how trashy and unruly this town has become. She admitted the beaches closer to them are much nicer now than ever, very quiet, but have gotten expensive. So, she did admit that yea, their unruly folks talk all the time about going to OC because they can party in peach there. Mr. Mayor, pulll the wool off of your eyeballs. You don't have a family beach town anymore.