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Friday, June 30, 2017

Democrats are insulting the public with dire claims of deaths from Obamacare repeal

There are times when I want to scream at the radio. One commentator or another has just declared that, according to the CBO, 22-million people will lose their health care. In response, the senior Democrat in DC declared that “hundreds of thousands” will die. It's a lie. Fake news. Made-up hoax. Dezinformatsiya. Pick your favorite term.

The very idea that having health insurance is what allows you to have health care is simply wrong. Our first step has to be EMTALA. This alphabet soup statute makes it illegal for any hospital to put "Do you have insurance?" between you and medical care for an emergency. That means that every hospital in the country will fix what's wrong with you. Afterward they may try to get their pound of flesh back, but there are a host of programs, including the American Health Care Act-protected "Pre-existing Conditions" provision that will take care of things. Notice I did not say the "Obamacare" provision.

Now that we've debunked the first big lie, let's consider the purpose of insurance. When Blue Cross was invented by doctors and hospitals, it was a way to make sure that they got paid. If they could convert some charity work into profit, what was not to like? It wasn't about making sure that people could get care. It was about their wallets.



Anonymous said...

If 22 million people will die if Obamacare is repealed why didn't they die in 2009 before Obamacare was implemented?

Concerned Retiree said...

IMO there are nothing but lies in this Healthcare ordeal. These Bills are not Healthcare bills, Since everybody will get healthcare when needed. These are health cost bills. These bills, starting with Obamacare, were established for the rich to get richer. they were designed for the FDA, AMA, pharmaceutical companies to limit but sell more medication at the price they want and the Insurance companies to force people into buying worthless insurance, since you will never be able to use the benefits. A big con game as proven when Obamacare makes the tax payer to reimburse the insurance companies on their say so on what they were not reimbursed for services. No proof, no audit just on their say so. has nothing to do with helping the ones that need it.

Anonymous said...

Criminals should not receive health care

Anonymous said...

How reckless and inflammatory these democrats are. What, is this some kind of new disease? NoObamacareitis? The sad truth is there are some people who would actually believe this. Interesting the democrats have no answer as Obamacare implodes. These idiots have no business sense and are only interested in advancing their own agendas; they couldn't care less about us. Schumer looks like a fool peering over his glasses as he recites his stale rhetoric; he is boring.