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Friday, June 30, 2017

Newt: CNN Should Bring in Independent Counsel to Investigate Fake News Scandal

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said on Tuesday that CNN should consider bringing in an independent counsel to investigate the company as a whole amid a fake news scandal in which they retracted a hit piece pertaining to President Donald Trump.

“They should appoint an outside analyst, somebody of impeccable authority like Michael Mukasey, who used to be Attorney General of the United States, to view everything of CNN and basically reset it,” he told Fox and Friends in an interview. Gingrich continued:

"You cannot get to a believable network while Zucker is there. He clearly made a gamble last year to be the leading anti-Trump network, he’s clearly done things that are absurdly wrong. I like lots of the people at CNN, I worked with them for a while. There are some very very good people at CNN, they have a very long tradition of being good journalists. But the culture of the overall system right now is very toxic."

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Anonymous said...

I am in an Echo chamber,all I hear is RUSSIA, russia, r u s s i -----

Anonymous said...

No need for any waste of money on "Special" anythings. CNN just died. Their entire network just became a "Nothingburger!"

They will go away, with PMSNBC right behind...

Anonymous said...

Seems like the best occupation of the very near future is "Independent Council Member". Somebody sneezes and somebody will call for a special council.
Wor-Wic should offer a course!