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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Ocean City Police & Worcester County Sheriff’s Office to Conduct Alcohol Compliance Checks

OCEAN CITY, MD – (June 7, 2017): The Ocean City Police Department (OCPD), in cooperation with the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, will be conducting alcohol compliance checks from June 12 through June 24. This enforcement effort will take place at area bars, restaurants and alcohol retailers throughout the resort.

The purpose of this operation is to ensure that employees of businesses that provide alcohol are making a concerted effort to avoid selling to individuals under the age of 21. Personnel under the age of 21, accompanied by plainclothes law enforcement officers, will be visiting bars, restaurants and alcohol retailers attempting to purchase alcoholic beverages.

The OCPD and Worcester County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind all business owners that serving alcohol to underage citizens is not only illegal, but can have a detrimental impact to their business and the underage individual involved. The OCPD encourages everyone to obey all alcohol regulations to ensure a safer resort town.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, STILL no enforcement of driver law compliance. I guess the kids are easier game for the Town's revenue.

Zorro said...

Allot of brats in town who never had their azz beat by a rules apply to them
... go get em LE

Anonymous said...

I think the "heads-up" alert is perfect, a very good move by LE.
EVERY establishment owner that sells alcohol stresses the requirement of carding everybody. The owners absolutely do not need to sell a random case of beer or two to anyone underage to make a few extra bucks. They make a TON of money selling to the legal trade!
The problem is with their employees.
The alert that the OCPD is giving the license holders gives the owners an opportunity to again stress the importance of carding to the employees.
This move shows that OC would rather have complete enforcement of the law, rather than "catching" an employee in the act of selling to underage.
I applaud them for that.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with 11:26, I would want the establishments ALWAYS doing their due diligence, not just for a specific time period, so I don't think it's a good idea.

Anonymous said...

723 - agreed. Plus when a young beauty carded me last week I politely smiled, graciously thanked her and gave alittle more after a good evening/dinner my wife and I had. Servers can make more with we "gray beards" and NOT loose their jobs to serving June Bugs.

Due diligence by servers and local LEOs year around is important!

lmclain said...

Hmmmmmm. why don't they dedicate a few plainclothes officers to do a few drug buys on Delaware Ave, Church St, Isabella St, West Rd, Baker St or a number of places in Salisbury where anyone can buy whatever you want, 24-7? A gun, a couple ounces of coke, oxy, wanna a mcahine gun? It will take a couple of days, but be back at 7 on Saturday night. Bring cash.
Any time. Any day. How about a grenade? No problem. is SO MUCH easier bustin' college kids and working people because they pay the slumlord lawyers (yes, there are slumlord lawyers in Salisbury and they know who they are) in Salisbury, grease the wheels of justice with their fines and fees and "classes" they pay for, and are easier targets than a wounded grasshopper. The money FLOWS!!!
Take that undercover "WE ARE THE POLICE!" game show dress up routine to the ghetto? nah.....
The ghetto is too damn dangerous. And very scary. There is a good chance you're getting shot or beaten into a wheelchair. Plus, they don't pay fines, don't give a crap about your "authority" and will quickly put a bullet or two in your head. The State gets NO MONEY.
Thats the end of today's class on why such great effort is placed on "traffic control" and "alcohol crime".
Serving the people, my ace. Not when you are afraid all the time.
Collecting as many dollars from the white middle class as possible is the goal.
Rapes, robberies, thefts, assaults, murders?? Aaahhhhh, we'll get to them. Soon.
Relatively soon.
Keep cheering, though.

Anonymous said...

Police should NOT be in the business of "crime prevention".

If there is no crime yet, then, we do not need the police in our lives.

Learn the truth about STATUTORY LAW vs. COMMON LAW.
You will be glad you did.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, "Police should NOT be in the business of "crime prevention".", but that really is a ridiculous statement.
"Cops In Shops" program; speakers at schools; DUI accident mock-ups; and many more programs are aimed at crime prevention. A visible presence alone is crime prevention.
I think 11:26 is right. An alert on enforcement will assure that the business takes even more stringent steps to make sure the employees are schooled in carding. I have no doubt that for the rest of the summer, there will be unannounced spot checks all over town, as has been the case for many years.
This alert should shut down a very high percentage of the chance of underage purchasing. So when the next kid gets drunk and walks out into traffic; when the next kid falls off the balcony in a drunken stupor, as sad as that is, at least they won't be able to say that he was illegally served in this town.

Anonymous said...

June bugs bring alcohol with them. They know it is difficult to get buy or get someone to buy it for them in OC. Easier to get older friends/relatives at home to hook them up and bring it down. Us old folks didn't have that problem since the drinking age was 18 when we graduated.