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Friday, June 23, 2017

Nearly 30 Million Americans Still Without Health-Insurance Coverage

In just the first few months of this year, nearly two million people dropped their Obamacare coverage. According to a new report released by the Administration, 12.2 million people signed up for coverage through the Obamacare exchanges in 2017. But enrollment has already fallen to just 10.3 million people.
“The American people know a bad deal when they see one, and that’s why they’re avoiding Obamacare like the plague.”
 Vice President Mike Pence

Obamacare: The Facts
Obamacare is failing the American people. After projecting to cover 23 million people in 2010, it has covered less than half that. Despite the inaccurate forecasts of the previous administration, a mere 10.3 million Americans had Obamacare coverage on March 15, 2017. Nearly 30 million Americans are still without health-insurance coverage. Vice President Pence is optimistic that the new administration can, and will, do better.
“Under President Donald Trump, we will rescue the American people from the disaster of Obamacare and give the American people the world-class healthcare that they deserve.”
 Vice President Mike Pence



Anonymous said...

Single 59 yr old female, no major health issues, 13K a year.
I am uninsured.

Anonymous said...

10:48 I wish you good luck with this new bill. They are cutting hundreds of millions from Medicaid and giving tax breaks to those who can afford whatever they need. Once again it's the working class that will suffer. Poverty should not be a death sentence

Anonymous said...

Insurance is not health care.

Nobody in this country doesn't have health care available.

Anonymous said...

Even the drug dealers who don't work have healthcare.

Anonymous said...

We need to know the statistics of how many of these chose not to be insured - and will choose not to be insured in the future when the individual mandate is officially dropped. That number should be touted as the benefit of individual choice provided by the new law - and the expense savings associated with it...forcing the public to buy a product in order to ease the price on the remainder of the purchaser is not good business policy - rather tyranny in favor of the insurance companies!

Anonymous said...

Health care is available--yes you can walk in the door and be seen by someone, but that doesn't mean you can pay for it or get the treatment for whatever ails you.