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Friday, June 23, 2017

Democrats’ hunt for dirt on Trump could backfire in a major way

Do we feel lucky?

The Democrats should be asking themselves just that — in the same way that Clint Eastwood’s Detective Harry Callahan character posed the question to a street punk in the 1971 classic “Dirty Harry.”

The Dems have been pressing hard for a thorough investigation of President Trump — but that effort could easily backfire on them.

It’s a question Wall Street and Main Street should also ponder.

Wall Street has been mostly ignoring the Beltway banter so far this year — and still hopes that a huge tax reform plan will be passed soonish and that a $1 trillion infrastructure plan will begin this year and that the two, paired with a regulation rollback, will spark a serious revving of the US economy.


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Anonymous said...

All about keeping the justice system from going after Hillary.