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Friday, May 26, 2017

Manchester Arena attack will change the concert experience

Analysis: Going to a concert will become more time-consuming and more expensive

Tighter security will be brought in for live concerts, following last night’s terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena. While it remains unclear exactly where the bomber was positioned (just outside or just inside the venue) at least 22 people were killed and dozens more injured at last night’s show and many of the victims – given the US singer’s fanbase – were teenagers.

After the Bataclan massacre in Paris in November 2015, Isis released a statement that the popular music venue had been deliberately selected as music concerts, in their words, were “packed with polytheists” and were displays of “fornication and debauchery”.

Whereas previously airports and train stations were prime targets for terrorists, last night’s attack taken in conjunction with the Bataclan one, indicate that any entertainment venue which attracts a large number of people is a target.



Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. Typical democrat way of thinking. Instead of changing immigration policies and cracking down on anyone who is returning from one of the terrorist strongholds they do this. You can change the concert experience all day long and all that will happen is the terrorists will move on to other areas.

Rebel Without a Clue said...

Like Secretary John "I have three Purple Hearts" Kerry said, "If we would just provide these people with jobs and education then we wouldn't have these issues". I believe Marie Harf from the State Dept. said the same thing a few years back.

Drivel! The simplest solution is to kill them!! Then you don't need to worry about either employing or educating them. I mean, what would happen if you laid one of them off? Would they plan on blowing up those who were not laid off?

Anonymous said...

7:49 That is the point, that is how they take your rights away one piece at a time, just like ole boiling of the frog thing... But again, I stress this is all due to you all lazy people who just sit back and let this crap happen and then instead of effecting change, you complain as if this will fix anything...

Anonymous said...

Demand more! Wake up America before its too late!

Anonymous said...

A suicide bomber can't be stopped. All the cops and metal detectors do is make him pick a softer target. Set off your bomb where people are waiting in line to go through the metal detector. Boom!

Anonymous said...

Easy way to stop this at teen girl concerts, all patrons must be naked to enter! Same as the airlines, Naked Flying!

Anonymous said...

This was the goal.

We are the enemy of the State.