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Friday, May 26, 2017

John Podesta: ‘I See No Sign’ Donald Trump Will Be Impeached

In a one-on-one interviewwith the Washington Post’sDaily 2020 Live on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chief John Podesta said he does not see any indication that President Donald Trump will be impeached, despite the fact that so many in his party are calling for it.

“I see no sign that there’s any likelihood that he’ll be impeached,” Podesta, who recently joined the Washington Post as a columnist, told the publication’s Karen Tumulty. Issuing an indirect testament to the loyalty of the GOP, Podesta added:



Swamp Drainer of the Shore said...

Johnny the Pedophile is backing off the impeachment talks because Seth Rich inquiries are heating up and he's looking to curry favor with WH/DOJ. Not going to work with this outfit. They aren't like his corrupt little liberal friends. He should prepare himself to see some issues come up in his life for which will be highly life-changing.

Anonymous said...

Agree...this Seth Rich scandal is going to mess up DNC big time along with the special counsel investigating the Russian collusion which isn't there.

Anonymous said...

Neither does anyone else.