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Friday, May 26, 2017

Media Matters May Have Messed With The Wrong Guy!

For Sean Hannity fans. Could this be the beginning of the end of Liberal's Fake News trend? One can only hope.

 Media Matters should be aware!

Definition of tortious inference in a legal sense:
An informed, educated voter is one who embraces the responsibility of voting!


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Mark Levin is no dummy. When it comes to the law he knows his stuff.

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SETH RICH LOCK HER UP. LOCK UP JAMES B. COMEY AND ALL THE LACKIES. IT'S TIME TO DRAIN THE SWAMP. As is now hilariously obvious to everyone, Leftists can't keep straight which conspiracy theory they're all supposed to believe from one day to the next.

The globalist-run media keeps changing the "theory," causing MENTAL WHIPLASH among Leftists who are already operating on the precipice of mass mental illness.

Every mature person in America is fed up with all the “snowflake” crybullies, whiners and “faux outrage” activists screaming and protesting on cue with blind obedience.

NO, you are not special by default. You are not remarkable simply for existing. There’s nothing whatsoever that makes you unique when you obediently believe everything the unhinged “consensus” tells you to believe.

And also, on the Immigration Ban. Say you had a bowl of M&Ms. 5 of those M&Ms are poisonous and will kill you. Hey Liberals, grab a handful and eat up.

Conformity is not diversity. Hatred is not tolerance. Consensus is not fact. (See meme graphic below.)

And no, you are not special by default, and there is nothing between your legs that’s special, either. You’re just the same as everyone else until you start to achieve something worth celebrating by rejecting the mindless obedience of the status quo and start thinking for yourself.

It’s time to tell all the snowflakes how incredibly misguided, intolerant, bigoted and pathetic they really are

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