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Friday, May 26, 2017

Cops And Courts – May 26, 2017

Assault Arrest After Shoving Young Child
OCEAN CITY — A Baltimore man was arrested on assault and theft charges this week after allegedly shoving and knocking down his six-year-old daughter on the Boardwalk and later being found in possession of merchandise stolen from the Boardwalk store.
Credit Card Receipt Leads To Suspect’s Arrest
OCEAN CITY — An Eldersburg, Md. man was arrested for pulling a fire alarm at a midtown condo building this week after police were able to connect him to the incident with a credit card slip from a nearby restaurant left at the scene.
Burning Hat Tossed In Road
OCEAN CITY — A Pennsylvania man was arrested for malicious burning last weekend after allegedly tossing a baseball-style hat fully engaged in flames into moving traffic on Baltimore Avenue near 9th Street.
Kicking Chairs, Damaging Cars
OCEAN CITY — A Pennsylvania man was arrested on multiple counts of malicious destruction of property last weekend after allegedly damaging two vehicles and busting up two plastic chairs at a motel parking lot on 9th Street.


Anonymous said...

'Tis the season when all the classless, scumbags descend on our shore. The basket of stupid acts never ceases to amaze.

Anonymous said...

.....and NO traffic offenses? There could not be after last weekend.

Anonymous said...

The log for this weekend should be even more entertaining!

Anonymous said...

I see senseless has no color lines