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Friday, May 26, 2017

After being charged with assaulting a reporter, the Montana Republican Greg Gianforte won a special election for a U.S. House seat

Greg Gianforte, a wealthy Montana Republican who was charged with assaulting a reporter on Wednesday, nonetheless won the state’s lone seat in the House of Representatives on Thursday, according to The Associated Press, in a special election held up as a test of the country’s political climate.

Mr. Gianforte, 56, was widely seen as a favorite to win against Rob Quist, a Democrat and country music singer. But he seemed to imperil his own candidacy in the final hours of the race after he accosted a journalist for The Guardian.

Voters here, though, shrugged off the episode and handed Republicans a convincing victory. Mr. Gianforte’s success underlined the limitations of the Democrats’ strategy of highlighting the House health insurance overhaul and relying on liberal anger toward President Trump, at least in red-leaning states.

Publishers Notes: Conservatives have had enough of the "Fake News" media and voters proved they're not taking it any more as well. 


Anonymous said...

Love it!
Hit him again!
This time put some "stank" on it!

Anonymous said...

Back in the we called it payback.

Anonymous said...

I saw an interview on CBS last night where one voter said he was still voting for Gianforte because "I wasn't there. There have been different reports about what happened. And, no offense but I don't trust the media much anymore." I wanted to jump through the screen and hug the guy!

Anonymous said...

The Guardian is a British liberal newspaper based in Manchester. Why they had a 'reporter' in Montana is the first question?

The reporter in question, according to another account I read, has some history in taking flops after being provocative.

In this case he was clearly trying to cause a stir by intruding into a private meeting and sticking his phone/mic into the candidate's face while badgering him. He was asked to go but persisted in being in the personal space of the candidate and so got some help toward the exit.

In retrospect, candidate should have had security closer at hand and they could have handled it. But, hey, it's Montana, which isn't pajama boy territory.

Welcome to the swamp, Congressman! Bring your work clothes because there is a lot to drain.

Anonymous said...

I do not condone the candidate's actions as that stoops to the liberal intellect. However, these journalists (using that term loosely) do get testy and are like gnats in one's face. He got swatted; thankfully the voters in Montana saw beyond that.

Bob Aswell....Realist said...

The general population is sick of the Media and the damn fools who work there for peanuts who eke out a living making snide comments
about those elected and the crusade against the President has came to a head.
The Dumbocrats have ran the gamut alongside their maniacal leader Schummer. People are going to vote for candidates who have the stones to stand up to these urchins that thrive on the art of muck-raking. I'd really like to have seen this guy lay that reporter out cold and then ask if there were anymore takers!!!
The time in this Country for talking is over and now the doers' are going to take over from the lame brains called 'Democrats'.
Bob Aswell....Realist.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Gianforte for expressing physically what about 60% of all of us feel about the BS masters aka the Fake MSM.

Anonymous said...

Gianforte for president!!

Anonymous said...

Montanans have had enough of Liberals trying to run their show.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Wish I could vote for the dude. I have a feeling there are many more "slams" in the future. Are you listening BLM, left wing nuts, and other not so relevant good people.It is up to you, not too late to come to your senses and straighten up. For every action there is a reaction.

Anonymous said...

Awesome news. Let's body slam some more libtard reporters.

Jayne Miller from WBAL is on my list.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see 90% of the news media body slammed