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Friday, May 19, 2017

Family of four die in horror crash after Mother's Day trip

A family of four were killed on their way home from a Mother's Day visit after a tractor trailer plowed into their pick up truck, causing a six-car pileup.

Elise Ann Spennati, 32, and Cole Allen Spennati, 24, along with their two daughters, Sianna and Aila, aged one and four, were killed on I-95 in North Carolina on Tuesday.

Michael Elliott Bricker, 68, was driving a Volvo tanker truck filled with gasoline when he failed to slow down in time, setting off a chain reaction that sparked a fire and shut down I-95 in both directions, ABC11 reported.

Bricker also died in the crash, and the Highway Patrol emphasized that it was not assigning blame on the truck driver, who was not speeding at the time.



Anonymous said...

Seeing more and more highway accidents involving big trucks.

Jim said...

Mostly because car drivers do not respect truck drivers! Cars cut in front and brake not realizing a big truck takes a lot longer to stop. Most accidents are fault of the car driver being stupid.

Anonymous said...

No most of the accidents are due to trucks driving to fast. I see trucks on the interstate regularly doing 5-10 mph or more over the speed limit. I saw a truck the other day on I95 doing over 80mph in a 65mph zone. I was doing 70 and he passed me like I was standing still. Shortly after he passed me he almost wrecked a pick-up truck pulling a trailer in the right lane that was doing the speed limit. The draft from the truck as it approached the p/u truck caused the trailer to swing more then a foot to the right and then when the truck passed the p/u the trailer swung to the left. Only the skill of the driver in the p/u prevented a catastrophe from happening. I also constantly see truck drivers trying to pass another truck on the highway while going up the grade. How stupid can you be? The reason car drivers don't respect truck drivers anymore is because 80% of the truck drivers are idiots. The days of the PROFESSIONAL truck driver are long past.