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Friday, May 19, 2017

Blog: The special prosecutor: Democrats, be careful what you wish for

Yesterday, Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller as the special counsel, with full federal attorney powers, in the investigation of Russian interference in the electoral process of 2016. At this point, Mueller has been given unlimited time and the ability to follow any related pathways regarding the scope and breadth of the Russian investigation. But, as anyone familiar with recent history may remember, any special prosecutor may venture down paths not originally contemplated, as Bill Clinton could attest.

For Donald Trump, this deck of cards provides many possible outcomes. Trump, not a seasoned politician, has created many unforced errors during his four months in office. All his accomplishments have received scant coverage by the media (not willing to give him credit) as his tweets, hyperbole, and misstatements have overshadowed his agenda. His private conversation with James Comey, which led to a purported memo partially leaked to the New York Times, was the kind of error that increased the pressure upon Rosenstein to appoint Mueller.

Many Democrats have urged the appointment of a special prosecutor. For those convinced that Trump's election was illegitimate, the only outcome is for Mueller is to find criminality during the private Comey meeting in February, such as obstruction of justice. They seek a bill of particulars coming before Congress to allow impeachment proceedings. Some will still want an independent commission to investigate these issues as a way of keeping the negative news out front.

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Anonymous said...

Democrats should be embarrassed by the outcomes of this investigation, but they will not. They do not care.

Thornton Crowe said...

What Democrats fail to realize 1036am is that this investigation will open all the Clinton Email, Foundation investigations along with the illegal surveillance, unmasking and everything to do with the other investigations the Democrats have tried to blame Russia for. Not too bright on their part but they asked for it. The Swamp Draining is beginning and it has nothing to do with Trump and his administration.

Who do you think signed off on the Special Prosecutor? He had to in order to get this resolved. By doing so, he took it out of the political realm - the houses and all their subcommittees - and put it in the hands of a third-party who is apolitical. This is more problematic for both Democrats and Republican Establishment than they seem to realize right now. So they're probably going to be very upset with the outcome of these investigations because a lot of them had a Comey Insurance policy that is no longer in place.

I wouldn't be surprised if Comey is also indicted for a few crimes during the process. I know McCabe is going down and there's already talk about how to proceed with some adjudication for his lying by omission situation and actions during the Clinton investigations.

Anonymous said...


I hope you are correct

Anonymous said...

Thornton you just covered a lot of my questions / concerns that I was searching. I hope you are right because this investigation will drain the swamp and get some of these Rogue / career establishment politians out of office. Also lock the ones up that have broken the law / national security violations.

Thornton Crowe said...

11:25AM and 11:18AM, My sources have yet to fail you. They're very close to what's going on and its been verified on several levels. The special prosecutor was presented to Trump while he talked to many ex-judges, former US Prosecutors and other great legal minds in our country during the past 72-hours. Things are moving forward and he's fed up with the swamp getting in his way as he executes the agenda he was hired to instate. Expect some fun times ahead and don't lose sight of why Trump is there - he certainly has not and he remembers who his real bosses are - and it's not Congress, Liberals or the Media!

Anonymous said...

They need to be Prosecuted for Waisting America's Time !!!

Anonymous said...

"This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!" @realDonaldTrump

Anonymous said...

Yes it All just may come Back to Bite them in the ass !!!

Anonymous said...

Pelosi / Shumer / may go to Jail !!