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Friday, May 19, 2017

FCC Votes signals likely end of Net Neutrality Rules

As was telegraphed earlier this year, the Federal Communications Commissionhas begun the process of rolling back internet regulations that require service providers to treat all content equally.

The 2-1, party-line vote cast earlier today is, officially, merely a proposal for a review, but as NPR noted, it’s widely considered that this is an early step for the FCC under new chair Ajit Pai toward undoing the rules put in place during the Obama administration that enforced the principles of so-called net neutrality.

The process isn’t expected to finish for at least several months, according to The Verge, during which time various interested parties can file comments with the FCC. As for what rules would replace the ones currently in place, The Verge pointed out that Pai is fond of saying that the era before the new rules weren’t so bad and that there may be no need for any significant regulation of internet service providers in regard to how they treat web traffic.

Last month, according to Politico, Pai said, “For decades before 2015, we had a free and open internet. Indeed, the free and open internet developed and flourished under light-touch regulation.”



Anonymous said...

My child, this era will harken the Demon Alien Reptile Invasion of the Mindless Ones (liberals, perverts!). Heed Need my words, repent !!

Anonymous said...

Net Neutrality. Another BS name given by Liberals to pimp their nonsense on Americans. It's all BS. Nothing more. You people have GOT TO START VOTING BETTER! Saw Cardin yesterday on the news talking about crap he has no clue about and then you wonder why our legislation is screwed up! We have more fraud, waste and abuse but you idiots keep voting for it. Why?

Anonymous said...

Low info indeed.

Ending Net Neutrality benefits no one except ISP's- that's Comcast, Charter,... etc.. you know those companies no one likes or trusts with proven track records of being greedy and having horrible customer service.

Eliminating neutrality allows these ISP's to choose what and how you access the internet. It stifles innovation and competition because without neutrality the ISP's can literally destroy the competition. It's effectively like ISP's get to charge people for "protection" to do business.

Eliminating neutrality does not benefit you one iota. It makes greedy companies richer, helps them squash innovation and competition, and will restrict/limit your access to information and content.

Imagine... and ISP wants you to use their search engine... so they throttle speeds for Google, or charge more for access to Google... to force you to use their sub par service. It will cost you more to get less.

ISP's and legislators are counting on the American public to be stupid, and not understand this and not fight back. They claim that neutrality stifles competition and investment.. but they have yet to provide a shred of evidence to support this. Record dollars are going into investments and infrastructure.

I cannot fathom why any American would support this farce of proposed legislation. Any bill that is named "restoring internet freedom" should immediately be met with skepticism.

Ask... who does this really benefit?

This isn't free market capitalism. ISP's don't want to have to compete in the internet marketplace.. so they are rigging the game in their favor.