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Friday, May 19, 2017

Hijacked Democrats

"The Real Democratic Party", hijacked by America-hating Left, has crashed and now burns.

The truth is in the numbers!
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Anonymous said...

Having once been a member of a local "Democratic Club" I can understand what happened. Their sunday parties with cheap beer and food (and dancing) were not deemed worthy of the Elites that had taken over the Party. Before you knew it, the common folk were gone along with the parties.

Obamas reptilian brain said...

Obama's handlers boys are to blame here. The TelePrompter-in-chief called the shots. The human, non cyborgs said We The People (not machine-infused brain chips) say NO to Liberal perverts!

Anonymous said...

We need to keep those numbers trending downward - or the country will!

Anonymous said...

The Obama Plan will also Crash and Burn !!! Has Already

Anonymous said...

This is not a surprise at all. The Democrat party is radicalized and ineffectual. When Pelosi and Obama became the face people the party started losing and it hasn't stopped losing. Glad to see it. Liberalism is a brain disorder. Lacks complete common sense, logic or reason.