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Friday, May 19, 2017

Sharks swim alarmingly close to a beach in South Carolina

A perfect beach day was interrupted by some unruly sharks that were spotted swimming alarmingly close to a South Carolina beach.

Beachgoers were shocked to see at least four large sharks swimming near the shoreline on Tuesday.

Cody Kinzer recorded a video showing the massive sea creatures lurking by the Garden City Pier, which is about five miles from Myrtle Beach.



Anonymous said...

It is their home. They were just checking out the intruders.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think they've always swim that close to the beach we just never had drones to watch them.

Anonymous said...

We are shocked sharks in the ocean. Obama won.

Anonymous said...

The sharks colluded with the Russians to do that or it is Trump's fault - obviously one or the other..

Anonymous said...

I'll bet them sharks are swimming there even when the people are home.

Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity to go snorkeling in the keys for a week. I came in contact with Nurse, Lemon and Bull Sharks. When they are just cruising and scoping things out they are actually as calm as could be. It's amazing how they actually move their tails so slowly but glide through the water so quickly with seemingly little effort. They were absolutely amazing and even a Bull Shark that had to be 15 feet long didn't really scare me, and I was in open water not a cage. I have also seen a much smaller Poorbeagle Shark (4-5ft) pulled aboard a boat and immediately gutted alive. It was horrific and terrifying to see how that animal fought for it's life. I am not afraid of sharks but when I'm in the water I am well aware that I'm no longer the top predator.