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Monday, March 20, 2017

Windows Vista Still Exists, But Will No Longer Have Microsoft Support April 11

Are you out there, Windows Vista users? If so, prepare yourself for the end: Microsoft will be pulling support for the operating system on April 11, sending it to wherever poorly received software goes when it dies. 


Anonymous said...

And so goes one of Microsoft's worst products.

Anonymous said...

But, alas, that is the eventual fate of all the MicroSoft operating systems. Unlike Apple, Microsoft will MAKE their product obsolete, so that they can continue to sell replacements.

Anonymous said...

Apple does it to.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:50 am

Apple does NOT do it too. If you actually owned Apple products, you would know that if you have "outdated" Apple OS then you can upgrade it to the current OS for FREE. So this NEVER becomes a problem because Apple doesn't have to worry about outdated support because their users can get current for FREE.

I have a MacBook Pro, iPhones and iPads in my household and the ONLY reason I still have a Dell laptop running Windows is because I need it for my work software. As soon as that software is compatible with Apple products, you better believe that I will be tossing that Dell in the trash. Apple makes a far superior product that does not rapidly outdate itself. In fact, I just recently upgraded to the iPhone 7 from my iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 was released in 2010 and still had a lot of the capabilities of the newer iPhones and could even run the latest iOS. No other phones on the market can claim such an accolade.

Anonymous said...

I have windows 3.1 and an apple in the frig.

Anonymous said...

I forgot about it. LMAO. I guess people don't update their crap.

Anonymous said...

Apple is the worse for this. I can take a PC from 2005 and install Windows 7 on it. I can take a vista PC and install Windows 10. There are many Apple PCs you buy and Apple refuses to allow you to upgrade to the latest version of OS.

Look at the early Ipads You can't update them to the latest operating system. Apple hard codes the machines and only allows yo to install what they say you can install as far as Operating systems go.I pads built in 2012 and obsolete now and that is only 5 years ago.

Microsoft provided support for Windows XP all the way up to 2014. XP came out in 2000. That's 14 years of support for software. There isn't one other company that would support a 14 year old product that long. Bottom line was the tech changed so much since 200 from 2014 that they had to drop XP because it was highly insecure.

Vista came out in late 2006 and will lose support in 2017. That's 11 years of support. You can not find an Apple PC 11 years ago that still has support from Apple.

Oh and if I want to I can take an old XP PC and install Linux on it and still make use out of it but Apple hard codes their computers so only Apple products can be installed don it.

Lets not forget the scandal from when Apple started replacement the screws on devices sent to them for repair that had a proprietary tip so you couldn't even get inside you own device to update or repair it. They were forcing people to go to Apple only.

Its funny how people claim Microsoft forces people to update to buy a new product when they are the ones who support their product for over 10+ years while Apple does the exact opposite but the sheeple think Apple has their back.

Also think of the Iphone and Ipad. If you run out of memory you need to buy a new phone or tablet. 32GB Phone full ? No problem go out and buy a 64GB phone to accommodate your growth for over a $100 more than you 32GB version. All other brands let you add a MicroSD for less than $20. So who is screwing who ?

Apple has and always will be a scam. They may be great innovators but they are way over priced and those that are rabid fans are only that way because A. they don't know any better or B. they have to convince themselves they bought a superior product in order to justify the outrageous price they paid for their product.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:18pm

Go back into your parents' basement and play with your Windows PC, because you are undoubtedly wrong.

For one, Apple OS updates are FREE. Try updating the OS for a Windows OS and you will pay dearly,

Two, I have an original iPad Air (2013) and my wife has the original iPad Mini (2012) and both are updated to the latest iOS 10 so no, updates are still available for the older tablets (and iPhones).

Three, I don't need on board storage because Apple provides this excellent service called the "iCloud" - I get 1TB of storage for $9.99/month or if I didn't need that much I could get 200GB for $2.99/month. Plus it is much more secure, easy to use, easy to share and has not strings attached. Microsoft Azure and OneDrive have all kinds of stipulations, "options" and crap security. Companies are actually making millions off of providing security and backup to Azure. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.... Who buys Micro SD cards anymore anyway???

Four, you might be able to upgrade software (after you pay for it) on Windows systems, but typically not without upgrading hardware. What good is software if you do not have the infrastructure to properly run it? Apple keeps previous consumers in mind when further developing operating systems so as to not make their former devices completely obsolete. Sure, some features available on iOS 10 can't be utilized on an iPhone 4, but the OS can still be loaded and used.

Five, Microsoft will NEVER beat the security of Apple on personal devices. Period, end of story...

Six, the Apple screws are Pentalobes - they are far from proprietary.

Perhaps you should actually know what you are talking about before you open your mouth with false information. Now try to have a good day and don't forget to update your anti-virus software on your Windows PC....