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Monday, March 20, 2017

Search Warrant Issued For Everyone Who Googled Identity Theft Victim’s Name

Try to imagine a police officer in the pre-internet era serving a search warrant on the phone company, wanting the names of everyone who looked up a certain number. What would have seemed ludicrous at the time is now feasible, and one judge believes Google should turn over the personal information for anyone who used the search engine to look up a victim’s name. 


Anonymous said...

Imagine that the government obtains a warrant to view your Apple iCloud account. If you enabled iCloud on an apple device, all texts, emails, photos, web browser activity and searches are saved in the "cloud" and available to LEO with a warrant.

Anonymous said...

Now days, they don't even bother with a warrant as Vault 7 revealed. They just spy on people without due process or just cause. People don't seem to be all that concerned about the invasion of privacy or the fact all the info is being stored to possibly by used at a later date. You guys kill me the way you ignore information or cherry pick information that suits your own political beliefs with little to no regard to the law or your own Constitutional rights.

Anonymous said...

TRUMP was correct he was being spied on till 2010 under bush and OBAMA GOOGLE PROJECT DRAGNET .

Anonymous said...

holycrap just seen this.