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Monday, March 20, 2017

Trump is right to cut PBS/NPR funding. It's just elitist propaganda anyway

The sky is falling, and President Trump is proposing an end to federal funding for public broadcasting. Receiving $445 million in recent years, PBS, NPR, and a plethora of local stations benefit from federal subsidies at the taxpayers’ expense.

Budget hawks will be quick to point out that $445 million is but a fraction of a drop in the proverbial bucket of government spending, and it’s true. But no one is claiming that cutting public broadcasting will balance the budget. The question we should be asking is, “Why are we funding it in the first place?”

State-funded media suffer from one glaring, common problem: Someone — a central authority — gets to decide what kind of content is appropriate for the public, and what isn’t. As taxpayers, we cannot withhold our money if we object (or, are indifferent) to what we see — we have to pay for it regardless.

In most countries, this is called propaganda; the populace is fed what the government wants them to see. While public broadcasting in America is generally more benign than the term “propaganda” implies — focusing mainly on classical music and educational programming rather than fictional glorifications of Dear Leader — national media are nevertheless contrary to the American principles of a free press.



Anonymous said...

Their 'programs' are good!
Their news reporting is heavily biased!

If they would stick to the programs and ditch the news - they would get their reputation back as a 'public service'!

Anonymous said...

abolish the AD COUNCIL next!

Anonymous said...

Like the Daily Waste of Times, I was tired of paying for (directly for the paper and indirectly for NPR) forced-fed one sided propaganda on a daily basis. If I wanted that, I would turn on MSNBC or the Clinton News Network.
I would support them if they were balanced, but that's like expecting the Easter bunny to deliver eggs on Easter morning. It is extremely difficult to find fair minded journalists anymore, especially after their brainwashing at their liberal arts colleges.

Anonymous said...

9:11 yes the BBC was been regurgitating the liberal narrative and fake news, I don't watch it anymore.

Jim said...

"Their 'programs' are good!"

A FEW of their programs are good (mostly the music ones.)

Most of the programs are leftist propaganda, or used to reinforce other leftist propaganda.

Anonymous said...

"If they would stick to the programs and ditch the news - they would get their reputation back as a 'public service'!"

Thats what I keep saying. I have NO problem with the classical music. None at all. I don't even mind my tax dollars paying for good, fine art (not the crap modern art). Maybe all us conservative classical music listeners should call and tell them we refuse to cough up any dough until NPR is gone. It IS possible. The classical station out of Baltimore WBJC plays just classical music and NO NPR!

Anonymous said...

So instead of the populace being fed what the government wants them to see, instead the government will sensor out any information they can't control.

Anonymous said...

WAMU (88.3, American University) is a station I listen to while in the car on local trips. Its news coverage is definitely left leaning. During Obama's tenure, there was scarcely any news about him or his policies, but since our current president took office, it's Trump bashing all the way.

Anonymous said...

9:11 is absolutely right! they do have good programs, but there is a lot of liberal nonsense on their news. The kids shows are good and so are documentaries. Get rid of the liberal bias and the rest would be fine.

Anonymous said...

Make them compete in the open market. They either sink or swim. I am certain there are not enough listeners to keep them a float. I also like the classical music, but hate their liberal news. Maryland Public TV has had nothing but one fund raiser after another. That should also be great for ratings! Maybe now they will offer what the views want. I notice they have already ditched the VME spanish speaking channel and make it PBS KIDS. Never noticed any fund raisers on the Spanish speaking channel. Another reason I am glad to see their funding cut by the government.

Anonymous said...

The business model at MPT is ridiculous. Their fund raiser on Friday nights is for programming that is 11 years old! I can get current programs from the BBC from Acorn TV from a streaming device for $6.99/MO with no fund raising drives.