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Monday, March 20, 2017

Dishonest NY Times Hit Piece

It is my fault. I trusted a NY Times reporter, MICHAEL M. GRYNBAUM, to be a honest reporter. He is not. Here is what he “reported:”

But Mr. Johnson, who was himself once a Fox News contributor, said in a telephone interview that Mr. Napolitano called him on Friday and requested that he speak to The New York Times. Mr. Johnson said he was one of the sources for Mr. Napolitano’s claim about British intelligence.

Mr. Johnson became infamous in political circlesafter he spread false rumors in 2008 that Michelle Obama had been videotaped using a slur against Caucasians. In the interview on Friday, Mr. Johnson acknowledged his notoriety, but said that his knowledge of surveillance of Mr. Trump came from sources in the American intelligence community. Mr. Napolitano, he said, heard about his information through an intermediary.

“It sounds like a Frederick Forsythe novel,” Mr. Johnson said.

But that is not the whole story. I told him the following. I was used in in 2008 by Sidney Blumenthal, who told me that Michell Obama was taped using the disparaging term “Whitey.” I then told Mr. Grynbaum that I went back to Sidney Blumenthal, a Hillary Clinton confidant, and asked to speak to his original source. He sent me to David Brock, Mr. Media Matters. I’ve written about this previously:


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