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Sunday, March 19, 2017

I Saw This On Facebook & Couldn't Resist

Men size 6 timberlands
Salisbury, MD (21804)


They are brand new

Joe Albero Call the Wicomico County Sheriff's Department. They'll be lining up for a size 6.


Anonymous said...

tiny shoes for tiny people

Anonymous said...

SPD lines up for Snowflake size 5.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Is the joke that THE SPD have small feet? If that's the joke it lacks wittiness so not funny. Better luck next time.

lmclain said...

9:14 is probably a cop. Probably about 5'6"....with tiny hands.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said..., not a cop but what's funny is I almost posted that this lame joke is about as boring as the small hands joke that has been going around. And you wrote it! Perfect! Doesn't take much to amuse you, does it? Hey, did you know that 1+1=3? See how funny that is? It's a joke that you must love because it's redundant and not clever.

Anonymous said...

If I know anything at all, Cpl. Lee Stevens has earned these boots. Only a man of his stature could fill these boots. Cpl. Stevens wholeheartedly deserves these boots, solely on his merit alone. Everyday Cpl. Stevens goes to work, he ties the bonds tightly between law enforcement and the community in a double knot. Keep up the good work Lee. We love you man.

Anonymous said...

They need thicker heels or lifts for Limelight Lewis to be interested, but he confiscated some money the other day which is burning a hole in his pocket.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Lee Stevens that everyone keeps commenting about. I am not from around here and like to keep up with whats going on, this is the reason I look at SBYNEWS. I keep hearing about a Lee Stevens. Is he a God among Police. Is he a latin lover. It sounds like we need more Police like a Lee Stevens. Does this person exist is my question.

Anonymous said...

Dear 11:08,

Allow me to set your mind at ease. Cpl. Lee Stevens is not a god. He is god like however. Cpl. Lee Stevens is real and is quite possibly the finest law enforcement officer to roam the streets of Wicomico County, Maryland. Nay, he is the finest law enforcement officer to roam the lands of this planet. Cpl. Lee Stevens is admired by not only his fellow brothers and sisters in law enforcement, but also by the community. I have personally seen suspects who he has arrested thank him for his duty and for the fact that since he intervened in their lives, they are now law abiding citizens. There are stories of him actually stopping crimes before they started just by giving the suspect a certain look. It’s as if he can see into our souls and know what we are thinking. I have heard from people in his office tell stories of when the administration were stuck and didn’t know how to handle a situation, they called Lee Stevens. If Superman was real, he would thank Lee Stevens for his service. And he is not a Latin lover, he loves everyone. Keep up the good work Lee. We love you man.

Steve's Leavin's said...

I think somebody out there has a man crush and he just can't keep it in his pants, 11:08!

lmclain said... ADMITTED you didn't get the joke in the original article, but accuse someone else of not being clever or of being amused??
Also, look up "redundant". I don't see any "redundancy" in 1+1 = 3.
It was a good try, though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks mom.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it joe. What is this all about?

Anonymous said...

They will also be lining up for the
extra extra large hats