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Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Only Way To Fix Healthcare Is To Rid Of Health Insurance Companies & More

I don't care what side of the isle you are on politically, the ONLY way to fix the monster Obama created is to go to a single payer system run by the American Government, very much like Medicare.

We will only pay so much for whatever the illness is, period. If Doctors and Hospitals don't like it, TOUGH! Their six figure income is completely out of control and we CAN fix it. 

Doctors became Doctors, (at least the really great ones) because it is their calling. They did it for all the right reasons. Our Government needs to offer FREE College for anyone QUALIFIED to become a Doctor.

You want to see cancer cured, guess what, this system will make it happen. You can pay six figure salaries to SCIENTISTS who CURE major health problems. No different from privatizing space travel/research. 

There would still be specialists like plastic surgeons and so forth but a monster has been created and there's only one way to fix the damn thing, so let's stop kidding ourselves. One illness, one fee paid to all Doctors. 

IF you happen to be fortunate enough to be rich, well, you can go to a Doctor who refuses to participate with this system and take some of your millions and put it in their pockets. "Even Steven" Every American pays ONE set fee for Government Health Insurance.

Insurance Companies & Pharmaceutical Companies are out of control, FIX IT! Game Over!

Paying $25,000.00 for one shot needs to end! Losing everything you've worked so hard for your entire life needs to end. "We The people" built this country and we need to stop the super rich from taking everything we've earned away from us. 


Anonymous said...

This is a ludicrous statement. You want someone operating on your brain that isn't compensated for it? The crazy amount of hours worked, the toll it takes on their families? Can you even pass a basic anatomy class? Pathophysiology? Trump and the Republicans have proposed a plan that will see millions losing insurance. What you are proposing would just alienate the poor again. A human doesn't have a right to the best care possible because of financial reasons? A lower income makes you a lower class citizen? How do you put a price on an illness?

Anonymous said...

That is the whole point of Obama care, to make you poor... But the populous is to stupid to see that...

Anonymous said...

Our elected officials who have a great health care plan need to join in.
What makes them special

Jim said...

This will NEVER work. It assumes a burning desire to become a doctor, driven almost solely by altruistic motives. Look around you at the 'stock' of young candidates.. do you think they will jump all over that?
Britain's National Health is an example. It doesn't work.
The FREE MARKET is the best motivator. Get government OUT of it. Let the buyer call the shots, let those who deliver a quality product prosper, and let the charlatans and hacks wither on the vine.
Set the table for wide-open competition, then step back and watch what happens..

JoeAlbero said...

8:11, You are obviously afraid to die.

Look, if I, (for example) have brain cancer, just let me die.

If I have millions and want to be cured, I'LL PAY FOR IT by seeing someone outside the Government system.

As for your BS blaming Trump for millions of people losing their insurance, PLLLLLLEASE! Millions got INTO a system, (by force or fine) that didn't have insurance to start with. It's you LIBERALS who are trying to scare Americans, (especially the main stream media) on false pretenses.


You said, "how do you put a price on an illness", typical Liberal snowflake who things everyone else should cure you for anything and everything.

Millions of people every day make the choice to put their beloved pet down. It's called "quality of life" and we should be able to do the same for humans. Unfortunately there are no cures, yet they'll take your home and business away in a New York Second to CURE something that is impossible to cure.

So grow the hell up and realize, you will die one day. Stop asking Conservatives to keep your asses alive while you sit in your basement at your mothers house while collecting welfare and food stamps.

Anonymous said...

I had better care at a cheaper rate when the private sector was in control even though government regulation drove costs higher than they should have been, Remove some of the restrictions and problem solved. But big Pharma owns the politicians.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe, nice rant. I'm glad you assumed I am a liberal snowflake because once again you are mistaken. How super badass of you to be unafraid of death. I guess this isn't the case for you but I would like to stick around as long as possible. You've once again stated that only the wealthy deserve to live should they be unfortunate enough to have cancer (or any other illness you'd like to insert).

It's not a false pretense that millions of people will be without insurance on the new GOP plan, it is a fact. Use those research skills you enjoy boasting about.

For your "price on an illness" you think that human beings don't have a right to live a healthy life if the treatments are out there? Would you not want to help another man who, like you, has a family. Perhaps his situation may be a little different where if he were to die his family would be out on the street. But according to your logic he should accept his fate, his children or spouse should accept his fate and should he be wealthy enough then maybe then he can live.

Human euthanasia, I've seen you argue AGAINST it on this blog before. Another hypocritical statement. To suggest that there are no cures is asinine. If that were the case we would still be dying from minor infections, polio, vitamin deficiencies, etc.

I am fully aware that I will die one day. Sweet burn with the basement comment. It was truly a creative masterpiece. I would be surprised if you allow this comment to see the light of day as you commonly sensor any other comments that prove your stories to be false. It would appear you've typed this one yourself as shown by the many grammatical errors. I myself am not a wizard either but I also don't report all day. Cheers to you and your brain cancer :)

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the socialist premise of the article - single payer is what the dumbocrats want in order to control the people.

Make the elected officials participate in what we get and see how quickly it gets fixed!

Anonymous said...

1000 percent correct,Joe. K.

Anonymous said...

Great idea since the US government does such a great job running the V.A., Medicare, the post office...

Exactly why they made it so complicated in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Government has NO business being in health care.

You have no business telling me that I have to pay for YOUR health care

Taking care is one's self is of the most basic thing each individual should do.

You gonna make me pay for your health care then I'm going to start ordering your around and lets not go there.

People need to read Atlas Shrugged

Anonymous said...

We can see very well how the government run healthcare works, or rather doesn't. Just look at England and Canada. Socialized medicine is a BAD idea but making people buy something they don't want is even worse.

JoeAlbero said...

8:39, Typical of a liberal snowflake to come back and say I am wrong, no I'm not.

If you want to stick around a little longer, then use YOUR money to buy a longer life with Doctors who do NOT participate in the Government System I'm proposing. See, it's that simple but I'm NOT paying for it for you, mooch.

I did do the research and you obviously did not. It's easy for you liberals to now come back and say millions, (who hadn't been insured before Obamacare) will lose their healthcare.

"Would you not want to help another man who, like you, has a family." YOU are not my problem. People like you are obese, don't take care of themselves and even perhaps sits in your Affordable Housing unit slamming Twinkies and soda all day and want ME to keep you alive, no thanks.

My Mother died of cancer which took her life within two weeks of her diagnosis. I couldn't save her, yet she had 5 very successful children who could've easily taken care of her if we had known in advance. Nevertheless, Mom said, I'm going home Joe. Perhaps that's what Liberals need more of, God.

"Human euthanasia, I've seen you argue AGAINST it on this blog before." You are completely full of crap and that is a LIE.

"Cheers to you and your brain cancer :)" WHY do you even come here if you'd wish such a thing on me. Because you have a desperate and obvious need to try to prove me wrong, as you stated. I am not wrong. You may DISAGREE with me on this article and that is your right. Here's the difference though. Obama is gone and Trump is now in charge. Things are going to be changed in a very big way and that is reality. I'm sorry that scares you to death but I'll repeat, YOU and NOT my responsibility. Get off your couch and make a life for yourself. One that doesn't require US to take care of you.

As for the people out there who depend on what some like to say the Government but in REALITY are the TAXPAYERS, get a job, put money away for a rainy day and pay your damn bills. THAT is what Americans do.

Anonymous said...

This article is absolutely wrong!
The dems passed obamacare knowing it would collapse and then government single payer would be the next step in to taking over each and everyone life through government.

Please pass a single page bill that says "The law know as the affordable care act is hereby repealed in it's entirety and is now null and void"

Even someone as stupid as Nancy Pelosi could read that one.

Anonymous said...

811 liberal step 1: start comment with irrational statement step 2: Make a false narrative based on CNN talking points Liberal step 3: attack with guilt liberal step 4: character assignation Step 5: end with irrational statement. CONGRATS you did it. :)

JoeAlbero said...

8:54, I didn't say everyone had to participate. If you have the funds to pay such high rates for Insurance, go for it.

So many of you agree with the $25,000.00 per shot and thousands of dollars a month for health insurance.

As for people comparing the VA or even Post Office. There's no doubt the VA is screwed up. There's also no doubt in my mind that Trump will absolutely fix that system. I believe this because he is a businessman FIRST and knows how to make it a success.

It's been you Idiot Americans who continue to elect career politicians who know NOTHING about business. You elect lawyers and doctors, the BIGGEST failure rates in ALL industries when it comes to business sense and I'm not kidding.

Yes, if we created a new department strictly for such a program, I'm confident it would be a huge success. It's so easy for Liberals to always say NO or it can't work. Yeah, and Trump could never get elected either, right?

Anonymous said...

8:11 Get your facts straight! You can start by stop listening to CNN, etc. The statement "Trump and the Republicans have proposed a plan that will see millions losing insurance" is FALSE. 100 percent without any doubts FALSE. No one will lose ANYTHING unless they choose to not purchase insurance. Again please educate yourself before spreading what amounts to falsehoods and lies. It benefits no one when you get your info from CNN and then spread the fake news. The proposals does away with the mandate so no one will be penalized for not having insurance. What this will lead to is people letting their insurance drop is what the thinking is. While I do see some doing that many won't because the premiums will be lower as well as deductibles.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Joe, but if this is your writing, I'm afraid someone slipped you some Kool-Aid.

Single Payer means anyone who is not wealthy ends up with 'healthcare' like our vets get.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, simply wrong. Look at every other government run health and social systems. Social security has been robbed, the VA is a joke, Medicare is failing, welfare is abused... Allowing the government to fully control healthcare is an absolutely terrible idea.

Healthcare insurance coverage is not a right - it is an investment. You pay for health insurance so that you can protect yourself and your money later on should an issue arise. Government provided health insurance would be like saying that everybody is entitled to good stock investments. It would be like saying that if you lose in the stock market, the government has your back.

I was taught at a very young age that proper insurance is a necessity for success and longevity so I have always put money aside to pay for it because I have been taught such. It has not always easy, but even when times were tight, I always put money aside for health insurance.

Now with this government health insurance intervention, we have a real mess on our hands because the government's approach to making healthcare affordable is targeted at health insurance, not actual healthcare. Even calling it the "Affordable Healthcare Act" or the "American Healthcare Act" is wrong - they aren't affecting the cost of healthcare itself, they are affecting the cost of what pays for healthcare and that would be health INSURANCE.

Again, health insurance is an investment and the health insurance companies are a business - that is not where the government should be looking to regulate healthCARE costs. We should be looking at healthcare itself. We need to ask ourselves why is HEALTHCARE so expensive? Why are prescriptions so high? Why does it cost to much to visit the ER? What can we do to lower these costs? Most of the increased cost can be attributed to ANOTHER type of insurance - liability insurance that the doctors have to carry to protect themselves.

Some doctors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to protect themselves from the people who come to them seeking help. Why? It's simple, anybody can sue anybody for anything these days. The frivolous lawsuits that judges award plaintiffs have gotten out of control. Yes, some are legitimate malpractice lawsuits, but some are just plain ridiculous. Doctors and medical facilities have to insure themselves to protect themselves against money hungry "victims" and lawyers. Just watch TV on any given night and you'll surely see a commercial that say "have you or a loved one be hospitalized or died because of X drug? If so, you may be entitled to cash compensation. Call the law offices of Slummy, Shady & Slimmy for your free consultation." BILLIONS of dollars are paid out in these lawsuits every year and who pays the cost? The next patient when they get their medical bill.

Another aspect to look at is Doctor education costs. Most doctors and medical professionals have an obscene amount of debt that they must pay back for decades while they are practicing medicine. Again, the patient pays for that too. I'm not a fan of free education, but it would actually benefit a lot of Americans if the government provided financial assistance to medical professionals. For instance, the government could offer student loan repayment/forgiveness for those medical professionals after 5 years of employment in their medical field. You reduce their debts, you reduce patient cost, you lower the cost of living, you put more money in American wallets to spend on other things, you improve the economy in other aspects.

The solution isn't how to pay for healthcare and health insurance, the solution is finding out why healthcare is so expensive to begin with. As with anything else, follow the money and you will find your answer. It doesn't have to be as complicated as what these legislators make it out to be.

Anonymous said...

Joe I agree with you,when I was working I use to have nice insurance.I would like to point out that when obummer's was put into play it cost me more monthly plus a very high co-pay. Every working person I know had their insurance sky rocket in cost with crazy co-pays,so Obummer LIED.I get health care at Va in Cambridge,Perry point and sometimes Baltimore.What his no good obummer care took affect it robbed working people to pay for those lazy baby makers and bumms that live in mommies basement.

JoeAlbero said...

9:41, I'll repeat, NOT EVERYONE needs to get into the system I'm suggesting. If you can afford your own healthcare, pay for it. However, stop being fools. The mass majority of Americans CANNOT afford to pay a thousand a month, (if not a lot more) to cover their Families.

It's time to break away from FOR PROFIT insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. That's a reality.

I want to see everyone covered and IF you disagree, pay for your own insurance and medication.

Funny how back in the day Obama was being challenged because Government would control how long you should live, that wasn't true. In the mean time the private system we currently have IS NOT WORKING or affordable.

While I am NOT for any kind of monopolies, Americans have been smacked in the face by for profit companies demanding absolutely ridiculous prices for medications.

The ONLY reason the MSM is surviving is because of these pharmaceutical companies paying massive amounts of money for commercials you know damn well we aren't running to our doctors demanding their subscribe these medications.

More importantly they are raising their prices through the roof because of this BS advertising stating it's a part of staying in business.

So it is my opinion, (as it was President Trump's) to simply shut it down and create something that actually works. Again, it's easy to throw out the VA as your only qualified example but I'll continue to argue, we have elected officials who have no clue how to run a business and it's the American people who have been stupid enough to elect them.

Anonymous said...

This article is technically correct if not unfortunate. Health care prices are fixed by truly the most powerful entity in our society, the healthcare system.
They blame the toothless insurance companies who are regularly cannibalized by these monsters but they can't fight this over priced machine. If all Americans were on a medicaire type system a few things would happen. 1) businesses would get out of the health care system. Imagine if that money were redirected to wages instead, if well directed, companies could dramatically increase wages and business spending so people can work and get paid which rarely happens now and use these funds for more affordable healthcare 2) people could be treated where they want too instead of ridiculous arbitrary state lines. 3) no more wasted tests, Americans get 8 times as many X-rays and Ct scans as Europeans and don't get better health results. Why? Doctors order unnecessary procedures simply for earnings, they are essentially commission sales people.
4) the largest lobby in America is the healthcare lobby, twice as big as the next largest. Coincidence? You know it's not. These guys control this country with an iron fist. Overpaid hospital administrators, huge temple like hospitals that aren't even half full are symptoms of the scandalous largesse that we unwillingly finance. Was it a coincidence that in 2008 and 2009 when businesses were struggling to stay alive that prmc, bayhealth, Johns Hopkins, umd medical were all building wildly, in many cases unnecessarily. The fact that these businesses are immune to the financial swings that affect every other piece of a capitalist environment prove that in fact they are not part of it in the sense they are shielded from risk due to the mechanism of their own creation.
No one is saying doctors and nurses and others involved in health care shouldn't be well compensated, however, reasonable single payer changes could insulate the devastation that these feckless health care plans don't begin to solve.
The reality is, these institutions are the puppet masters and at this point, say what goes in government.

Anonymous said...

Joe, I am 110% behind everything you have said here. You nailed it. I agree whole-heartedly with a one system, one payer program. I think a Medicare-like system for all would be great. This could stop the gouging of our country by insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. But the questions is do our representatives have the backbone necessary to turn away from their lobbyists and do the right thing now for the American people. I pray they will.

Anonymous said...

Right now we lose either way. Obamacare will collapse in the very near future. And Trumpcare is a total mess, which will push Seniors into poverty ad an early grave. A terribly thought out plan, both of them.

There has to be a better way. But partisan politics, and really political rhetoric and mean spirited discussion as I read above, prevents the compromises needed to work out a good healthcare system.

Anonymous said...

Joe, I get what you are saying: Take what the government provides or pay more if you want better. Sounds rather liberal to me, but isn't that we have been doing since the inception of medicare/medicaid? The VA also? I stand firm in my argument that insurance is an investment, not a right. Why should the government (ultimately, you and I) be responsible for those people who fail to invest in their own health? Again, we need not look at how to pay for healthcare, but WHY healthcare is so expensive to begin with.

It is also a proven fact that those surviving on no/lower incomes are more prone to health issues. In absorbing those healthcare expenses will become extremely burdensome on the government and taxpayers. You're going to argue your point to the death, but I will stick to my opinion that you're simply wrong in thinking a single payer system will be the solution to this mess and history has proven that to be a fact.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the best course for Trump would be to let Obamacare collapse, because it's all on the Democrats. No Republicans voted for that nightmare and they shouldn't be punished for it. Most voters, even the most uninformed ones, knows Obamacare is all on Democrats! Let it implode while letting up on the mandate. This would be a good way to have public blame go to the much-deserved party instead of shouldering the blame.

Anonymous said...

It dosent matter what kind of system or what you call it, its not going to get better or cheaper as long as the government and big lobbyist are involved. Our gov and big pharma and greedy insurance co's are what made it ridiculous. Then gov takes control {even more and bigger greedy crooks} and made it even worse {they want shares and their part} Now their about to make it appear better/cheaper....but they have proven their greed and lack of responsibility before, it will be un-affordable and unreliable just like everything else they get involved with...despite the best intentions. Those that can afford not to participate...they will be happy, those already in poverty..they will be happy. But middle american families will suffer greatly and stuggle more than before, the american dream, the american family is being destroyed as has been.

Anonymous said...

Healthcare savings accounts are great, but don't you need to have a job in order to start one. The paramount situation that needs to be addressed is job generation. The economy has to come back to a healthy status before healthcare saving accounts can be effective for Americans.

Anonymous said...

I liked when we paid for major medical and paid out of pocket for doctor's visit's. Much cheaper.

JoeAlbero said...

OK, so let's take a deep look at the problem.

There isn't one of you that feel confident in a government system. I don't blame you.

However, do you actually believe an independent system CAN'T work????

IF by chance you believe someone out there could create a system that worked for all Americans, there's hope.

HOWEVER, my entire POINT here is this. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare was CREATED by WHO? Elected officials with absolutely NO business experience.

We now have a President who became independently successful as a business person. If there ever was a chance someone could actually make it work, it's President Trump. Remember Folks, this would be his legacy and you know damn well he does NOT want to fail as President of the United States.

Politicians, on the other hand, don't give a crap what you think. Good Lord, look at how many clowns like Pelosi, Ireton and so many others get re-elected. It's ALL about special interests and not We The People. They do not care, period.

You better latch onto the Donald trumps of this Country and start supporting them unconditionally. It doesn't matter what level of government we deal with, ALL of you have admitted what we've had in the past not only SUCKS, it's FAILED.

I don't want for me or my children and grandchildren what we have experienced in the past. We MUST think out of the box and improve America, starting with successful and experienced business people. We must move FORWARD and NOT fall into the past, especially with failures.

If YOU think you have a better idea, (not already warn out) by all means, have at it. I'm listening, but I'm not stupid. I'm NOT a follower, I'm a leader. What are YOU?

Anonymous said...

8:11 have you or a family member ever had a serious illness? I have. And I have seen first hand how the almighty $ is put before life. Even with insurance the $ is put before life. Since Obamacare my premiums have doubled and the deductible tripled. When you are told you need an additional $2500.00 up front or you don't get the medicine you need for a life saving stem cell transplant there is a problem. It's called greed. And greed is always above life. I know first hand. So to answer your question there will always be a price on illness when greedy insurance companies are involved. It's been that way for the last 8 years at least. We need a change.

Steve said...

9:41 & Joe, One thing that is a tremendous cost in any insurance premium is the cost of paying some 10,000 (probably more) government bureaucrat administrators working now to run Obamacare, and the next large cost is the corruption of Big Pharma, a government monopoly in itself, IMHO, and the ridiculous payouts for mesothelioma and Predaxa and every other drug that's been TV advertised in prior years and now's been found damaging1 It's like the FDA is the biggest Mafia out there.

If the insurance companies, doctors, and private medical facilities were legally allowed to work one on one with us, the patient, costs would be @25% of what we pay.

Unfortunately, the Mafia is running happy and healthy these days, and the Republicans have their hands tied to fix that.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone could explain to me how exactly having a middle man, health insurance companies benefit anyone? They get paid to do nothing but deny you care and you pay monthly for that. They have made record profits and are completely out of control! Big pharma needs to be crushed too. Most drug companies spend more money on lobbyists than on research. Wake up people, your being raked over the coals!

Anonymous said...

Holy Wow WOW and its only Tuesday!!!

I personally would like to know whats sooooo WRONG with TWINKIES and SODA?????????(snicker snicker)

Business and Capitalism = Americana!!!!
Alright Alright Alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Agree wth 1107. I'd love it if someone who was old enough in the 50s when there wasn't all this insurance company involved in healthcare would weigh in on this issue. It would be cool to hear how it was before all this insurance mania got involved because it sounds to me like it was a much similar time. Granted they didn't have sophisticated treatments for illness, but its used as an excuse now to overcharge people.

For example, if you look at Synthroid. It's been out since the early 60s yet they still charge an outrageous amount for this medicine long after the 'research' has been paid for; some insurance companies refuse to give the brand to patients claiming the generics work just as well, even though many patients don't respond well to it and feel better on brand.

Steve said...

11:17, Before I was born, my big sister died from a birth defect in her heart, just as the surgery was developed to repair the "hole in the heart" defect, and many kids were saved after that. Did Mom & Dad even THINK to sue anyone over this? of course, not! Back then, just as now, medicine was very experimental and failures happened every day, just as they happen now.

The difference, I feel, is back then, we were all on the same page. Sending our kids to medical school to help the general population have longer, better lives and we all realized it was a colossal challenge that sometimes didn't work. Sometimes, God's Will was that He needed that soul back for another purpose, and we, as mortal humans just plain had to accept God's Will.

Now, though, the FDA, Big Pharma & the giant law firms have formed a colossal Mafia to collect cash and hand out colossal prizes to "victims" they have created themselves, and there's no end to all the "Class Actions" awards programs while the FDA approves the next killer drug for Big Pharma to profit over so the lawyers keep getting fed.

There is no God.

That's why.

Steve said...

I might add, 11:17, back in the 60's, doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, and the drug makers were all on the "same page" as in doing the best they could with what they had or could try and develop to help each other to live a better life.

Making it a money machine was never considered back then, as it would have been a Mortal sin to act in such a way.

Anonymous said...

Vitamin and minerals definitely deficiency you can't make logic choice the way you speak. Makes no sence.youare scared of Joe.

Anonymous said...

The running governor didn't have a chance! Throw them all out!

Anonymous said...

Healthcare and Health insurance are businesses. That is the problem. Everyone is so gung-ho about capitalism and pro-business this and that. So because of this, they can charge whatever exorbitant amount they want and if you want to recover from your illness you have to bankrupt yourself. Everyone wants less regulations, but what about some regulations for the pharmaceutical companies? There is absolutely no reason for these drug prices to be so high. Medicare makes it so much easier for doctors to order tests because they don't have to jump through hoops to get an authorization for a test or procedure. Medicare pays 80% and the patient would be responsible for the rest unless they purchase a secondary policy.

Anonymous said...

259, what language is that?

Unknown said...

Single pay is one step closer to Communism. Hitler gave everyone health care too. And look what he did to an entire race. Trust the government you will be burned. All I have to say is once the government stuck their greedy hands in the healthcare, my insurance tripped in cost. So there is no way I would ever support single pay. Only koolaid drinkers would.

Anonymous said...

A single payer system is the absolute worst idea you've ever mentioned on your website. I mean that in a constructive argument. There are certain things that we all need that government should NOT be in control of. They already control too much.

Anonymous said... many comments on this hot topic, I'll pass on reading them. Some are as lengthy as a paperback novel.
I would just like to mention I absolutely love the photo of our great president. Would even enjoy it more if the middle finger were being used, even though he is expressing it. Thank you President Donald J. Trump, for all you do and will be doing.

Anonymous said...

The government does NOT need to be in healthcare. The government is, as we speak, poisoning the air that you breath and the food that you eat and the reason they are doing that is the almighty dollar. The government knows what fracking is doing to the water supply. Do you see any sign of them stopping. The government and Monsanto is genetically modifying the food that we eat. They have no clue what this is doing to us as people but they know it makes the plants impervious to pesticides so they can pump larger amounts of pesticide on the food. They are not allowed to do this in any other country but ours. Does the government care. Not about us they don't. The government is dropping God knows what on us every day from airplanes in their quest to change weather patterns. Heavy metals are dropped on us, the food we eat, etc... And we wonder why all the kids have ADHD and Autism. NO, I do no believe the government needs to be in healthcare. I do agree with one thing. I am not afraid of dying and will not spend every penny that I still have left to remain here. I was doing pretty good until the government sponsored crash of 2008. I lost quite a bit then. Then my health started going downhill further and now I can only work part time. But I still do work, where half the population has absolutely nothing wrong with them and they would not even consider working. They would rather that I, with my little part time job try to support myself and them with my tax payer dollars. Then I see on the news how the animals are attacking people just because they can. No, I don't want to hang around here. They can keep their overpriced medicine which they sell to Canada for 1/4 the price they sell to the US. If the government truly wanted to get in healthcare they should limit the amount the drug companies can charge us for a drug or let us get the drug from another country. But you know the almighty dollar steps in again with big pharmacy lobbying as hard as they can to never allow that. Sorry for the rant, but NO GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE is my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Wondering why people have a problem with Mar Lago trips when Trump is still working, but had no problem with Obama's many golfing vacations when he so obviously was NOT working? Seems a tad hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

A lot of these rich Republicans say that everyone should take care of themselves and pay for their own healthcare. Not many can take care of themself when they get cancer or have appendicitis. Wealthy folks can pay cash for any of this, but what happens when a poor person can't afford a doctor or expensive drug to help them recover. I guess they will just die. How is that fair?

Anonymous said...

"A lot of these rich Republicans say that everyone should take care of themselves and pay for their own healthcare. Not many can take care of themself when they get cancer or have appendicitis. Wealthy folks can pay cash for any of this, but what happens when a poor person can't afford a doctor or expensive drug to help them recover. I guess they will just die. How is that fair?"

Silliness again. First off, what did these 'people' do before Obamacare? They found ways to pay for their medical services. They used their noodles and they did what they had to do. Sorry but your argument, if that's what you expect us to think the above BS is, holds no weight. You want fair, make your own fairness. Life isn't fair. Never has been, never will be. Liberal logic is seriously disturbing as it contains no logic at all.

Anonymous said...

I dropped my health insurance and my medical cost went from $8000/year to $1200./yr. "Nuff said....

bayman said...

How about going after the hospitals and doctors and pharmacy companies? They are the reason we need insurance. Unbelieveable how much they charge. I have heard many horror stories of what PRMC charges. What doctors charge. Some patients will be in debt for years. The health community has a get rich quick attitude.