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Friday, February 17, 2017

Liberals, DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO!

No disrespect towards Rise Up Coffee, (a great local business) how is it OK for the City of Salisbury to use a public Website to promote a local and carefully selected business to promote their products but the Liberals go after Kellyanne for promoting Ivanka Trump's clothing line?

It seems that elected Liberal Officials can have it both ways but God Forbid a Republican who's being attacked by the Liberal Party cannot.

Remember Folks, someone, (you) are paying for these flowers, coffee, pizza and other not so FREE acts of kindness.

Welcome to the City of Salisbury where everything now is either FREE or Affordable Housing. Don't forget your Obama Phones.


Anonymous said...

As previously mentioned, in the commercial, his clique of friends businesses were used.
Which I felt they should have paid for the spot to be in it.
And Rise up coffee, of course was in that commercial.

Good old boys club of the millennia. All their Daddy's taught them well.

Anonymous said...

Is the mayor gettin free coffee or is it pro Rainbow for Ireton ?

Anonymous said...

Damn! That guy is to a camera like a moth is to a nightlight!

Anonymous said...

He is almost as bad as the tiny terror sheriff when it comes to cameras.

Anonymous said...

is it too late for me to get my Osama phone

Anonymous said...

I don't like Rise Up Coffee and I especially despise Jake Day, so I will detour the area. Maybe Day's using the money he took away from Salisbury Police Dept.