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Friday, February 17, 2017

To Those Investigators Who Are Trying To Claim SBYNews Is Insignificant

This is just SO FAR today.

The Main Stream Media refuses to deliver you numbers, we are NOT afraid. All one has to do is count the comments today, yesterday, heck, go back and entire week, I don't care. NO ONE is going to imply I/We lie to anyone. None of them will because they know they are NOTHING any more and the only reason they'd want to investigate us is because they are that scared. Well guess what people, it's way too late for that. Numbers don't lie and this day is nowhere near done.

Insignificant, I think not! I can't wait for the Liberals/Investigators to come back with their insignificant complaints like calling me a liar. 


Anonymous said...

Joe, you don't need to defend yourself. WE know how far-reaching and impactful your blog is. Let them chase their tails!

JoeAlbero said...

3:21, Thanks but it's important to me to prove to these Liberal losers that they are LIARS and I will PROVE to be the honest one.

When I get the time and I start putting up videos, (like a viewer suggested) I will put it up LIVE for people to see as often as I air something.

Funny though, LIBERALS will find a way to claim I somehow photo shopped the video and lied. Look how they all acted when we said we have tens of thousands of hits per day, what say you now Libs?

How about those commercials on local television where they claim their businesses increased up to 70% after advertising with them. FUNNY, I've NEVER seen one of their commercials, HAVE YOU? They are Liberal LIARS. Now it's not just "Fake News" now it's "FAKE COMMERCIALS" as well.

Anonymous said...

Dave T: This sounds like more Alinsky b.s. Attack those who disagree with your ideology. Joe, these radical leftists are on a mission to create division, anger and chaos because they are incapable of accepting their great and well deserved defeat. My message to all the liberal wingnuts: learn to accept your loss, and be prepared to accept more where that came from. We the people are tired of your crap and political correctness.

Anonymous said...

I already canceled the local paper- keep up the good work- it is important and greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

you rock Joe , Molly just wants attention !

Anonymous said...

There is a counter protest tomorrow

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of people who are keeping an eye on you idiots in those numbers.