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Friday, February 17, 2017

More Lies From The Liberal Left

Remember the woman who was fired from the Daily Times for her involvement in the alleged phone spoof from then Mayor Jim Ireton, this is her husband.

Of course she was a "target" on Salisbury News and now you know why.

Here's the funniest part of all. He claims that I make my own anonymous comments and that his friend was able to follow those comments back to my IP address. 

First of all, none of us here at Salisbury News can trace back ANY IP address. Google simply doesn't allow it and I'm confident many of you have read just that when the FBI or Federal Government wants an IP address and Google refuses to allow it.

More importantly, I do mot make my own anonymous comments. You see, I'm man enough to always use my name because I fear no retaliation. Now think about this as well Folks. Funny how ALL of them come here to defend any anti liberal article, yet every comment they send in is ANONYMOUS. 

As for our "revenue stream", liberals scream whenever we go after a business like the Daily Times because they feel people, (like his wife) will lose jobs. They say I'm killing the local economy. Yet WE take funds from advertisers and "Pay It Forward" to charity to HELP our communities, many times when people are at their lowest point in their lives, yet they want people to hurt our revenue stream.

You see Ladies & Gentlemen, Liberals are the very people who destroy America and other people in desperate need. It is not the conservative party. They make alleged spoof phone calls, (illegal) open a website in the name Joe Albero, (illegal) and LIE on a regular basis. I can't wait to watch all you liberals taking a swim in the now perfectly clean Wicomico River?

Ben Rayne, here's your 15 seconds of fame.


Anonymous said...

This guy doesn't have a clue, but, sadly, his ilk will believe it, no matter how unbelievable it is.

Anonymous said...

See how they ALL are pathological liars. Ben Rayne does not have a friend much less friends who trace IP numbers. Sarah and Ben belong together. 2 liars. All he is doing is trying to be important and relevant to the other misfits. Such a sad pathetic little man he is.
But on the flip side you do have to feel a bit sorry for him. Anyone stuck marrying that lying beast Sarah isn't right in the head anyway.

Anonymous said...

He's claiming he's at the very least is involved in hacking. The most without a subpoena anyone could find out (if that even) would be what approximate region/city you are in. If his 'friends' have "traced" IP's to Joe then that is a crime without subpoena in hand. The only way to get a subpoena would be if criminal or civil charged had been filed against Joe.
I have a feeling Ben is telling a big fib. Pinocchio.

Anonymous said...

More lies. What's amazing is they can't grasp why they become targets. Liar never win. They may score a few points but their lies always end up exposed.

Anonymous said...

These people never learn. They just keep on finding new ways to lie and new things to lie about.

Jim said...

It amazes me that liberals can look themselves in the mirror.
The democrat party and liberals in general are the most fraudulent bunch of people I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

On a related topic, WBOC is taking the convict's side at the Delaware prison- without comment from the state. Shoddy, sensationalist "reporting".

Anonymous said...

I personally do not know this man or his wife. Bottom line; she got caught (at best) pulling a nasty trick and ultimately paid the price. I understand her husband is trying to defend (the indefensible) her honor. Attacking SBY News is not the answer. In all the time reading Joe's blog I have never felt I was misled or deceived. I cancelled my subscription to the Daily Times because I felt they were not fair or balanced. I have also stopped buying the Sunday edition when they jacked the price a whole $1.00. This whole thing reeks of sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

Little Ben trying to inflate his own importance by lying and saying he has ****friends****** who are so crafty they can do the impossible.

JoeAlbero said...

I know first hand this person is a liar. You see, I have made it an internal rule to never put up my own anonymous comment. This is why I get angry whenever someone tries to make such a claim. I know if I ever have to go to Court, (as I have in the past) I can honestly say under oath, I never do that. This is also why we immediately reject anyone who tries to put up a comment stating it came from Joe under anonymous.

So to openly claim someone looked up my IP address and confirmed it came from me, their are a bold faced liar.

So from this point forward, if someone tells you I do such a thing, know they are a liar.

Anonymous said...

Another lie from one of the geniuses

"Phyllis White There was no violence at the Women's March. The only violence was the day before at the inauguration and some suspect they were tRump"s hirees. These 3 men are trying to intimidate us by threats.
Like · Reply · 1 · 26 mins"

There was no violence at the Women's March? Really? These liar need to stop their constant lying. Just because no one was arrested doesn't mean some violent acts didn't occur moron Phillis White. Such the genius she is. Many acts of violence were perpetrated by these so called peaceful people. There are many videos floating around including one of someone trying to set a Trump supporters hair on fire.
Caught red handed telling them lies you all do constantly PhilLiar White.

Anonymous said...

What is this Phyllis White talking about! She needs to educate herself before commenting what is an out and out lie! There were pro life groups there that were spit on, signs grabbed from them and torn to shreds and a father and a son were assaulted by them and beaten with a large stick just to mention a few of the violent incidences that occurred. Stop that lying Phyllis White! Either she is a liar or is so stupid that she assumed just because no arrests were made that no violence occurred. These people are so bad! Spreading their lies!

Anonymous said...

From all the citizens who post anonymous we thank you Joe for the outlet so kooks don't retaliate against us for speaking our mind.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Phyllis White is just another fine example of the dumbed down US "education" system which eviscerates the ability to think out of the already low IQ's people's heads. She's hears there were no arrests at the women's march and because she is completely void of any thinking skills equates this to mean they didn't get violent.

Anonymous said...

Another misfit just trying to make himself relevant with the other misfits.
He has friends that are so intelligent they can tell exactly who is commenting on a blog. Is there ever an end to the lies.