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Friday, February 17, 2017

MD Democrats Choose Political Games Over Helping Retirees and Veterans

Democrats in the Maryland House of Delegates chose to pass HJ 3, a resolution that would give Attorney General Brian Frosh expanded powers to sue President Donald Trump and the Federal Government if he sees fit. HJ 3 is a precursor to House Bill 913, which is also named the Maryland Defense Act. HB 913 mandates that Governor Hogan spends $1 million of your tax dollars every year to hire five employees in order to potentially sue the federal government. 
HB 913 isn't the only new spending bill introduced by Democrats in order to "fight President Trump." 13 Democratic Delegates have also introduced House Bill 272 - Sanctuary Campus Status. Aside from the typical sanctuary bill elements, this one includes some massive tax increases. 
The Fiscal Note for the bill states that it will:
  • Establish a new entitlement program that could significantly increase Higher education expenditures
  • Impose an unfunded mandate on a unit of local government
  • Provide a stipend for healthcare for illegal immigrant students in public universities throughout the state
  • Provide free housing, or a stipend to cover it, to any illegal immigrant students who may be impacted by federal immigration policy changes. 
  • Provide a free lawyer to any students who may be impacted by federal immigration law.
  • Provide stipends for free tuition if DACA is reversed
The fiscal note for the bills states that it would raise higher education expenditures significantly and place a huge burden on local government, meaning your local taxes may have to be raised to pay for it. 

We find it very ironic that Democrats feel we have money for these bills, but that these bills are somehow unreasonable:

Governor Hogan is focused on common sense legislation that focuses on Maryland's priorities. The Democratic Establishment in Annapolis seems intent to focus on using your tax dollars to play political games instead.


lmclain said...

Hogan is awful generous with OUR money.
Our taxes being used to support ILLEGAL immigrants?
What's next? Stipends to families of bank robbers?
Will the last person to leave the legal department turn the lights off??

Anonymous said...

HB913 is the cushy retirement positions their building for themselves when their voted out real soon.

Anonymous said...

They'll still get retirement after they leave. The liberals run the state of Maryland. This is the kind of stuff that happens all the time. Politics over people. That's why I moved out of the state.

Anonymous said...

Imclain - I'm pretty sure the Governor does not support these actions - the Dems didn't even need to include him on the "resolution" - what's a measly $5MILLION to them? Liberal Jim and his friends know what is best for us.