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Friday, February 17, 2017

Florida Doctors May Discuss Guns With Patients, Court Rules

MIAMI — A federal appeals court cleared the way on Thursday for Florida doctors to talk to their patients about gun safety, overturning a 2011 law that pitted medical providers against the state’s powerful gun lobby.

In its 10-to-1 ruling, the full panel of the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit concluded that doctors could not be threatened with losing their license for asking patients if they owned guns and for discussing gun safety because to do so would violate their free speech.

“Florida does not have carte blanche to restrict the speech of doctors and medical professionals on a certain subject without satisfying the demands of heightened scrutiny,” the majority wrote in its decision. In its lawsuit, the medical community argued that questions about gun storage were crucial to public health because of the relationship between firearms and both the suicide rate and the gun-related deaths of children.

A number of doctors and medical organizations sued Florida in a case that came to be known as Docs v. Glocks, after the popular handgun.



Steve said...

And on the other hand, as long as they have the right to ask, you have the right to a blank stare and ask if there are any other questions. There is no requirement to answer any question in the world from anyone unless you are in some court/ police situation, so just say nothing.

Any other questions?

I personally have declined to answer whether there are firearms in my household mostly from the pediatrician. It's really none of his business.

Anyone have a differing opinion on this? I'm interested for a discussion.

Anonymous said...

I just say no, it's right here in my holster. Would you like to see my carry permit?

Zorro said...

lie...just say Nope

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I prefer not to answer that question.

lmclain said...

The doctor-patient confidentiality idea has been thrown out the window.
If he can tell others what you say about gun ownership, whats to prevent other disclosures?
They try to frame the question in terms of "freedom of speech" for doctors.
Only Orwell and the Gestapo could see any sense in THAT reasoning.
Keep cheering.