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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Ocean Pines Honoring Early Developer by Unveiling New Yacht Club Name, ‘Historic’ Bar

There’s a new buzz in the air. One of the main arteries of the community moves to a new heartbeat and takes on a new identity at a relatively new facility. The Ocean Pines Association has launched a re-branding campaign that honors Charles “Tuffy” Mumford, an early pioneer of the Ocean Pines community. The association is naming the Ocean Pines Yacht Club, which was built in 2014 after the original yacht club-- that was built in 1975-- was replaced, “Mumford’s Landing in Ocean Pines.”

The re-branding campaign is a forward-thinking initiative that will honor the community’s history while creating a promising future for a more marketable amenity. With the new name come a few new services. A 20-foot-long bar, “Tuffy's Tavern,” was recently installed and is now in full operation at Mumford’s Landing. The bar's namesake is Charles "Tuffy" Mumford, for whom the Mumford's Landing area in Ocean Pines is also named. The "Tuffy's Tavern" sign that once hung in the original Yacht Club graces the new bar. Tuffy’s Tavern (seen in an attached photo) will feature take-out service and eight beers on tap.

“If our residents or guests want to pop in later in the evening, they can grab a six-pack or a bottle of wine to enjoy at their house,” said acting general manager of the Ocean Pines Association Brett Hill. “That’s completely new but it’s utilizing an existing license that was granted and previously paid for but never had a means to exercise.”

Hill said the staff is also working toward a finer dining experience.

“In the reconfiguration of the layout, we’ve moved the hostess station out to the front of the building. So now when you come into the door, you are going to be greeted by a hostess. Before when you came in, you were relying on a sign or had to guess which floor or what you were doing.”

Through a private donation, a contracting company that will be hired by the association, will also be installing a playground outside of Mumford’s Landing in Ocean Pines. The pirate-themed playground will be installed in the memory of a “former resident,” Hill said.

“Mumford’s Landing in Ocean Pines” overlooks the Isle of Wight Bay with a marina as a backdrop.

The association will be seeking new hires to operate the new bar, “Tuffy’s Tavern.” Signage will be changed around the facility and Ocean Pines community.

“We are really trying to better identify our food and beverage operations so that nonresidents realize we are open to the public and have a lot to offer,” Hill said.


Anonymous said...

So what. It will keep losing money no matter the name. Here is the Ocean Pines formula:
The richer people use the tennis courts, golf course and yacht club for far below market because it is subsidized by the OP fees of those who can't afford to join the clubs. In return the people who can't afford the club get to live in a safe and quiet neighborhood because the politicians owe that to the rich ones (the club members/political donors). The fees also work to price out the "riff-raff".
Capitalism is a great system with a few major exceptions. One is gentrification which makes it nearly impossible for the working poor to start building wealth.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, a former Governor set them up with burdensome sales taxes. Why go there just for the privilege of paying higher taxes?

Anonymous said...

5:44 obviously you are on the bad side of Joe Reynolds and his Ocean Pines Forum. You hit the nail on the head. Glad I moved out of that nest of vipers.

Anonymous said...

5:44? Nothing stopping you from obtaining wealth except your own self pity.

Anonymous said...

OCEAN PINES is Maryland in miniture. They fee you and if you can pay, you can play.If not too bad you lose.

Anonymous said...

They are their own worst enemy. One person has a sub-par experience and it's all over the media. Others stay away due to the bad publicity.

They're poor tippers I'm told, and lovingly referred to as "Ocean Whiners". They spent upwards of $5mil on a poorly designed cafeteria-looking cinder block building thinking it'd fix things. It didn't. Unless you consider it fed the ego of one pompous inept manager as a "success". Tear it down.