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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

VT Residents Don't Want To Foot The Bill For Syrian Refugees

Some small-town residents of Rutland, Vt., are upset at their mayor’s decision to resettle 100 Syrian refugees throughout 2017 in the area.

Rutland Mayor Christopher Louras defended his decision, saying the town’s demographics are declining, and they are having trouble recruiting younger workers. He also thinks refugees will bring cultural diversity.

“We need people,” Louras declared to The New York Times.

Louras’s decision sparked outrage among some residents who say they had little say in the mayor’s decision, which would effect them all. They formed an advocacy group called Rutland First to pressure Louras to reverse his decision.



Anonymous said...

One more reason not to settle in Rutland.

Anonymous said...

The fool should learn from Germany. They thought they were bringing in "workers",, but all they got was troublemakers and loafers who demanded FREE everything..

Anonymous said...

Diversity brings trouble.

Anonymous said...

This is the time to fight it tooth and nail because of the incoming President.

Anonymous said...

That mayor is using the same stupid logic as Anglia Merkle, the people in that town better start raising hell real quick.

Anonymous said...

Theyll be No.1 in bed bugs if these people move there.