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Monday, January 23, 2017

Donald Trump, change agent

With every new presidency comes real opportunity for real change.

Over the last eight years, Americans have become ever more disillusioned with politics as usual and that sentiment was expressed, loud and clear, at the ballot box last November.

Politics is as much about timing as it is good fortune, but every now and then a candidate comes along with real backbone — as did Donald Trump. Mr. Trump capitalized on the frustration of the American people, promising to be an agent for change and an agitator of the status quo. It wasn’t seen as just talk.

Only time will tell the type of president that Mr. Trump will be, and whether he’ll be able to follow through on his many promises. There will be little to no honeymoon for Mr. Trump, with Chuck Shumer and Nancy Pelosi steering the priorities of congressional Democrats, but with Mr. Trump, what you see is what you get. Against any political opposition, honesty and sincerity wins every time and Mr. Trump will undoubtedly have the advantage.

Based on form so far, Mr. Trump is a sure bet to always do what he thinks is right and what he thinks is in the national interest. Political shortcuts don’t seem to be in his playbook.

The same goes for the team Trump’s assembled, which reflects his own desire to talk straight with the American public and not mince words. Two of his selections for key leadership posts are obvious proof..

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