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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

New FCC Regulations Protect Online Privacy

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — When it comes to your personal information online, keeping it private is extremely important. That’s the reason many people are excited about recent a landmark ruling by the Federal Communications Commission, that will limit how internet providers use or even sell online data.

The way billions of people around the world stay connected is part of most of our everyday lives. The internet, with all its resources, is a useful tool, but in the wrong hands, it can be inconvenient and dangerous for users.

The Federal Communication Commission or FCC, ruling in favor of new online privacy laws last week.


1 comment:

Steve said...

Reading this article, it's the exact opposite. ISP's can ID everything you do on the internet and keep records of your travels. Pretty much the opposite of the headline, so just suck it up and accept it????