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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Hillary Clinton wants Michelle Obama in her Cabinet

Hillary Clinton told "Extra" on Monday night she would consider appointing first lady Michelle Obama to a Cabinet position if she wins the presidential election next week.

In an interview with Tracey Edmonds, the Democratic nominee said Obama would be a fitting member of her administration.

"She's made it pretty clear she wants to focus on important issues like girls' education around the world — she and I actually talked about it when we were together in Winston-Salem — and I want to be the best partner I can be for whenever she wants to do be involved in government again. I think she wants to take a break from it, but if she ever wants to do anything like that, I would be the number-one person," Clinton said.

The former secretary of state was joined by singer Jennifer Lopez in the interview. The Latin-pop singer has endorsed Clinton for president and took the stage in Miami for a Get Out the Vote concert before the duo's interview with Extra.



Anonymous said...

more bribes

Anonymous said...

just one more reason not to vote for Hildebeast

Anonymous said...

That's reason enough right there to not vote for Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Chewie doesn't belong anywhere except with her husband...back in Kenya where he was born!

Anonymous said...

She thinks that will get her the black vote

Anonymous said...

Obama said Hillary will say anything to be president and do nothing. Unfit.

Anonymous said...

And yet another reason not to vote for Hillary.

Anonymous said...

only 6 more days of this poo and things will return to normal.

- more car commercials during the evening news cast;
- Dan predicting Sunny skies with highs in the 80s from Dec until March;
- Black Friday accidents;
- Holiday shopping way behind schedule;
- New Years resolutions;
- Inauguration preparations for President TRUMP!

TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This election will be finally over on Tuesday!! Then on Wednesday the 2020 election will finally begin. Yeepee!!

Unknown said...

well,i guess that ends the political careers of those two after next week