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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Poll: Donald Trump +4 in Florida; Jumps 19 Points Among Cubans

A new poll shows that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has improved his standings in Florida, now leading his opponent Hillary Clinton by four points.

Trump is polling with 46 percent of the vote, while Clinton is trailing with 42 percent, according to the latest New York Times Upshot/Siena poll of the state.

Trump has improved his standings among Cuban-Americans by 19 points in just one month. A September poll showed Trump only earning 33 percent of Florida Cubans, with Clinton leading with 41 percent.



Anonymous said...

did you notice most polls all of a sudden are becoming closer since wikileaks?

Anonymous said...

It's over for Clinton... top secret emails are stored on a child molesters computer?l seriously? The very Same information CLINTON told US she turned in. On a computer they refused to turn in to the FBI... call the dogs in, blink the lights, ring the dinner bell, ten count whatever you want to call it.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Cubans - when are the cigars coming? We have airlines lining up to fly us in, when are the cigars going to start showing up in cigar stores???????