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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Big 3 TV networks attack Comey over Hillary by huge margin

Media ignore explosive developments in email scandal, launch massive blitz on FBI director

Since FBI Director James Comey dropped the bombshell Friday that the agency is continuing its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, America’s Big Three TV networks – ABC, CBS and NBC – have downplayed Hillary’s role in the scandal and launched a full-blown assault on Comey.

With only eight days left until Election Day, the networks have covered Comey in a negative light three times as frequently as they report negative news concerning Clinton, according to a Media Research Center study published Oct. 31.

“Beginning with the evening (October 28) of the announcement through Monday morning (October 31), MRC analysts reviewed reviewed all statements (by reporters, analysts, and partisans) that took a position on Comey and Clinton and found arguments against Comey (88) swamped those against Clinton (31) by a ratio of almost 3 to 1,” NewsBusters reported. “There were a handful of statements that praised either Comey (10) or Clinton (4).”



Anonymous said...

People should just turn them off for good.

Anonymous said...

CBS had a government health care shill on this morning who had the audicity to say that you can buy a policy for $75 a month.

Show me, you friggin liar.

I am so so sick of the propaganda.

Just got my letter today, mine is being hiked up 28%, to 13K a year, for one person, no subsidy.

Anonymous said...

$75 a month with a $16,000 copay. Pony that up and you're good to go!

Anonymous said...

Democrat run media again!

Anonymous said...

I don't watch them