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Friday, October 28, 2016

John Podesta agreed to meet with head of mining conglomerate after appeal from Doug Band

An email with the subject line 'Greetings!' set in motion an effort to persuade Hillary Clinton's campaign chair, John Podesta, to meet with the head of a mining conglomerate about 'environmental' projects.

The email is included in the latest batch of emails from a massive hack posted on Wikileaks. The emails are believed to have been hacked from Podesta's personal gmail account.

'As always, I am proud of you my friend,' begins Orson Porter, a former Bill Clinton and White House aide who joined Teneo Holdings, the global communications firm headed by two Clinton confidants, Declan Kelly and Doug Band.

'As you may know I recently departed Nike and joined the Teneo group,' Porter continues in his note to Podesta, writing that he reached out to offer 'my support.'


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, "environmental projects". Like more open pit mining around the world, especially in those 3rd World countries like Haiti, where labor is all of $5/day with zero worker benefits and zero safety regulations, all supported by a corrupt government that takes bribes as a regular way of doing business. Yes, THOSE kind of "environmental projects".