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Friday, October 28, 2016

SU Police Introduces 911 Shield App

SALISBURY, MD---The Salisbury University Police Department has introduced 911 Shield, a free safety app enabling students, faculty and staff to immediately contact the department via their smart phones.

“We’re excited about this new app,” said SU Student Government Association President Julia Howell. “I’ve already put it on my phone. It’s a great addition to SU’s safety efforts.”

The app, developed by 911 Cellular, connects to University Police and provides the caller’s location when the user is on campus. Outside the SU area, it contacts the appropriate 911 center.

Once the app is opened during an emergency, the user would hit the “Get Help” button. If no further action is taken within five seconds, the app summons help. The communications center can then forward the information, including the caller’s location, to first responders.



Anonymous said...

I have a trigger app on my concealed handgun. Every time I press the trigger, a 9mm hollow point bullet ejects at a high rate speed.

I practice with it a lot.

Anonymous said...

If they have time to open an app and use it, then it's probably not an emergency. I hope SU police are going to be responsible for locating any false calls on this app and not passing it off to the city.

Anonymous said...

They need a new police chief if that's the best they have.

Anonymous said...

Salisbury University also sponsored an anti-police rally on Friday. They release an app that helps students call the police for help during the same week that the president of the U has a protest to support " victims of encounters with police". Crazy.