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Friday, October 28, 2016

Report: Federal Officials Ignore Evidence About Location of Hillary Clinton's 33,000 Emails

FBI documents show that Hillary Clinton’s missing 33,000 personal emails were copied and stored in at least four previously unknown extra locations, but federal officials are refusing to search those locations, says Paul Sperry, an investigative journalist and author.

For months now, we’ve been told that Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 missing emails were permanently erased and destroyed beyond recovery. But newly released FBI notes strongly suggest they still exist in several locations — and they could be recovered, if only someone would impanel a grand jury and seize them.

The emails were created during Clinton’s use of a home-built and largely unprotected email system for her personal and government emails, and also for her management of the scandal-wracked, foreign-funded foundation while she was working as Secretary of State.

Clinton insists she’s handed over all of the government emails — which actually belong to the taxpayer — and insists she didn’t break the law by mixing personal and government business or by storing and swapping classified information on her own email network. The hidden 33,000 emails are just emails about her personal life, she says.


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Anonymous said...

Hillary's still lying. If those 33000 emails were all personal, she'd be off the hook if she released them for investigation as to their content, and had it verified that it was all personal information. When she says "personal", she means that she doesn't want anyone else to see it.