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Friday, October 28, 2016

Jury acquits Ammon and Ryan Bundy, leaders of Oregon standoff, of federal charges

A jury delivered an extraordinary blow to the government Thursday in a long-running battle over the use of public lands when it acquitted all seven defendants involved in the armed occupation of a national wildlife refuge in rural southeastern Oregon.

Tumult erupted in the courtroom after the verdicts were read when an attorney for group leader Ammon Bundy demanded his client be immediately released, repeatedly yelling at the judge. U.S. marshals tackled attorney Marcus Mumford to the ground, used a stun gun on him several times and arrested him.

U.S. District Judge Anna Brown said she could not release Bundy because he still faces charges in Nevada stemming from an armed standoff at his father Cliven Bundy's ranch two years ago.

The Portland jury acquitted Bundy, his brother Ryan Bundy and five others of conspiring to impede federal workers from their jobs at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, 300 miles southeast of Portland.

Even attorneys for the defendants were surprised by the acquittals.



Anonymous said...

It's a blow against every American.

Anonymous said...

So now when is the trial for BLM agents murdering Robert Finicum?

Anonymous said...

9:15 I think they were FBI and that'll never happen.

Anonymous said...

8:50 AM

Keep cheer leading for the our current corrupt government. You are exactly the type of person who is ruining the country.

Anonymous said...

Since I believe in the rule of law I am ruining the country?? Who knew.....lmao....

Anonymous said...

The rule of law is whatever the jury of our peers decides.
In this case, they decided the government was wrong.

The jury may pay a heavy price for their decision later in secret, and they may not even realize the danger they are now going to experience, but they did what they thought was correct.

I applaud the courage of this jury!
Way to go.

Anonymous said...

Move to syria.

Steve said...

It's called jury nullification. 8:50 fails to understand that the parks belong to the Citizenry and the Feds are merely caretakers. That means Bundy's crowd were on their own land, and 12 fellow landowners of the same land found the Feds in the wrong.