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Friday, October 28, 2016

7 Wikileaks Revelations About Hillary Clinton That The Media Is Completely Ignoring

The recent Wikileaks revelations about the Clintons, the Clinton campaign, media collusion, and the various hypocrisies of the Democratic Party are groundbreaking in both their scope and depth. 

The sheer number of hacked emails covering so many topics, combined with the shadiness of the activities involved, should have already handed Donald Trump the election.

Alas, the media, whose collusion with the Clinton campaign is laid out in many of the emails, will not have a bar of reporting them in a professional, ethical fashion. The following seven email exchanges have either been deliberately suppressed by mainstream outlets or given the slimmest coverage to feebly ward off accusations that they are in the de facto service (or pocket) of Hillary Clinton.
1. “Women’s advocate” Hillary Clinton admits that Saudi Arabia and Qatar fund ISIS, but refuses to rebuke them for it

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Anonymous said...

The criminality is blatant and its not just one violation but several fraud and ethics violations. The press is totally ignoring it, except for the alternative media like The Drudge Report, Rense, infowars, and of course SBYNEWS! Some of the mainstream media are starting to finally admit wrong doing, like Foxnews, and MSNBC. Just for msnbc to admit this is shocking in itself! There are just too many out there. They have no choice but to address this!