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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Woman Nearly Dies After Taking Routine Dose of Ibuprofen

"It still frightens me to think that I ended up in hospital after taking what I regarded as a safe medicine"

Most of us take ibuprofen for general aches and pains without a second thought.

However, one UK woman almost died from internal bleeding after taking the recommended dose of the common medication to ease symptoms of her cold virus.

45-year-old Christine Smith was rushed to the hospital after taking the recommended 200mg dose of ibuprofen every four hours. Her doctors found that she had severe internal bleeding from the over the counter medication.

Smith, who originally took the pills for a common cold, noted that she was starting to feel worse instead of better. After a couple of days, she began passing black stools, which can be a serious symptom of internal bleeding.

She consulted a health website which assessed her symptoms were serious, so she made an appointment with her doctor the next day. Alarmed at Smith’s condition, the doctor rushed her to the hospital where she was met by a medic due to the severity of her symptoms.



Anonymous said...

So how many people believe as I do that when she said she had only been taking the pills for a few days what she really meant is she had been taking them for a few weeks?

Anonymous said...

Big pharmas goal is to cure nothing. Cant suck every dollar from the dead or cured.

Anonymous said...

After suffering multiple traumatic injuries in an automobile accident, I requested an alternative to the oxycodone meds that the doctors prescribed for me. They put me on 800mg of Ibuprofen every 4 hours as a substitute for the prescription pain meds. It worked just as well, without the side effects. I took that dose for nearly two months, without any adverse side effects. There will always be some people that do not tolerate one drug, or the other. The vast majority of people taking Ibuprofen do no have the experience she had. It is likely there were other contributing factors involved in her hospitalization.