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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Pugh & Hogan Making Good on Promise to Work Together

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh and Governor Larry Hogan appear to be making good on their promise to work together for the benefit of the City.

Pugh comes to City Hall as a democrat and consensus builder. Republican Governor Larry Hogan was present at her inauguration and has made several trips to Baltimore in the past seven days.

“Maryland is stronger when our state and local leaders work together. When we agree to put aside our partisanship and put aside our differences in order to do the right thing for the people we represent,” said Hogan at the mayoral inauguration.



Anonymous said...

If Baltimore fails, the rest of the state fails.

Anonymous said...

Many Maryland conservatives hold a grudge against Hogan for NOT supporting Trump. But I don't, and here's why: first, he's doing a great job undoing the crap that O'Malley left him, kind of like what Trump will do for Obama's legacy. Second, Hogan is a republican governor in a very blue state. It would be political suicide to support such a colorful republican presidential candidate in the state of Maryland. Cut him a break. He's got to straddle the fence to appease the liberals. If you turn the heat up to fast, the frogs jump out and he won't get re-elected.

Anonymous said...

All will be fine as long as we give people the space to destroy.

Anonymous said...

11:59 That is very true but the problem is that the dim witted on the shore who are as equally bad as the far left wing nuts, are so brainwashed that they will not vote for Hogan and end up with another democrat governor.

Anonymous said...

Baltmor has already failed. From my info the City only pays for Mayor, City Council, FD, PD and trash pickup. The other 90% of their payroll / debt is paid by the State. That is why I say move all State services and offices to Annapolis and make Baltmor pay for their own Social Services and all other services and not have their employees on State payroll. No I did not spell Baltmor wrong. That is how they speak it and spell it in Baltmor.