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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Colorado internet-tax case could change online shopping

DENVER (AP) — Buying things online could get pricier after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a case Monday that could ultimately lead to states collecting billions of dollars in sales taxes lost to increasingly popular internet retailers.

The court would not hear a challenge to a Colorado law requiring online sellers such as to notify customers and the state how much they owe in taxes. State officials have estimated that Colorado alone has been missing out on as much as $172.7 million a year.

At least three other states — Louisiana, Oklahoma and Vermont — have passed similar laws that could take effect given the resolution of the Colorado case.

Though the court didn’t endorse Colorado’s law and could even weigh in against it if given a different case, other states are likely to see Monday’s move as a green light to step up collection efforts. That comes despite a 1992 Supreme Court decision saying retailers must have a physical presence in a state before officials can make them collect sales tax.



Anonymous said...

It is outrageous.

Yesterday i ate lunch at Hardees, and paid the state of Maryland 43 cents because I ate lunch at a restaurant.
It is crazy. I received no benefit from the state in this case. Maryland did not make my burger taste better or provide any service at all as a result of my visit.

Governments have become extortion rackets. They extort money from people. And they buy properties with it (i.e. the Temple Hill Motel).

Anonymous said...

Nobody is more anti-tax than I am.But to be equal and fair, it should be taxed.An in-state local business is at a disadvantage and can't compete.The business selling the product should be responsible for collecting and paying the taxes.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you 100 percent all the government institutions from towns on up to the federal government do are tax ! Curb your spending habits be frugal, cut the waist. The peaple that pay taxes are sick of it, It will reach a breaking point. If you work and pay income taxes, then you invest and make money you are taxed, when you go to buy something you are taxed, and then they tax your family and you when you die, sickening isn't it? Greedy bastards!

Anonymous said...

7:13 PM Really? Can't compete because of tax? How about because there is no selection! By the time I get done paying shipping I have more than paid what is equal to what the tax would have been.

I have to shop elsewhere because this ghetto village has no selection, at all.

I can't even find shoes, and always buy them online.

Maybe stores should carry product I actually want to buy if they intend on competing with larger vendors

They whole compete rhetoric is one big fat lie. The only thing the state cares about is getting your dollars.

Anonymous said...

Keep putting your info out there and trusting on line shopping.

Anonymous said...

9:40 PM and the difference between swiping your card at the register and online is??? what??? Daft.

Didn't you just hear that quest diagnostics just got hacked. And you know whats so funny about that. They want, they try to force you, to give them your financial information and they can't even protect it!!!!

And you make a stupid comment about shopping online?

Your info in not protected anywhere so whats the friggin difference?

Anonymous said...

The globalists (bankers) want to force us to use their credit card system to pay for everything, hence the war on cash. Read about India's war on currency.

You are correct. The credit card system is not safe. Period.

They are greedy thieves and are setting us up to steal our hard earned labor.