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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sharp YouTube Videos Demolish Progressive Ideology, And The Left Isn’t Happy

Equipping Americans to defend what makes the U.S. great, Prager University is a highly successful online think tank that has a knack for creating short, sharp, animated videos that distill complex ideas to their essence.

Conservative radio show host Dennis Prager believes these videos can “change the world, five minutes at a time.” Allen Estrin, the executive director of PragerU, says the videos are “like potato chips; you can’t just watch one.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation interviewed Estrin, who has worked with Prager University for five years and has been the executive producer of the Dennis Prager radio show for 12 years. A former Hollywood screenwriter, Estrin’s talent lies in embedding effective storytelling into over 150 videos now online.

Traffic has gone from 1.6 million views four years ago to over 200 million in 2016. Estrin is startled with the “shocking growth” of this online university.



Anonymous said...

Their videos are always right on target.

Anonymous said...

SBYNews got me started with watching Prager U videos. I've now seen them all and look forward to seeing more.