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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cafeteria brawl breaks out at Central High School in PG County

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Md. - A brutal fight at a high school in Prince George’s County put three students in the hospital on Friday.

The lunch room brawl at Central High School was caught on camera and shows a large number of students attacking each other as three adults try to break it up.

A spokesperson for Prince George's County Public Schools said a group of African-American students assaulted a group of Hispanic students.

The principal is working with the school district's diversity officer to bring students together and "developing a plan of action that addresses students and parents' safety concerns and encourages students to celebrate cultural differences in the wake of this incident."



Anonymous said...

Are we surprised? It is PG county after all.

Anonymous said...

I've made several comments in the past about P.G. County , it's a culture in it self , this county should not be given any assistance from the state or federal government. It's crooked , it's lawless , it is the worse county in the U.S. , it's liberal and sucks.

Anonymous said...

They advised they wanted to get the students together....looks like from here they should get them apart. Bunch of punks

Anonymous said...

They call them students...Students are there to learn these are not students.

Anonymous said...

Hey daddy, what's that dark spot over there?

It's PG county Simba, don't ever go there.