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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christian Videographers Suing to Serve Only Hetero Weddings

In recent years, gay marriage has become legal throughout the United States. It seemed to happen overnight, but actually involved a gradual transformation of the culture. Advocates of same-sex marriage won the public over by citing the freedom of association. Consenting adults ought to be able to enter into any relationship they want, the argument went.

Of course, that argument has a corollary. Adults also have the right to deny consent, to refuse when asked to interact. We can't have it both ways. If you have the right to associate, then you have the right to refuse association. There is no separating the two. They are opposing sides of the same coin.

Despite that clear incontestable truth, government has tried to have it both ways under the auspices of anti-discrimination law. Two gay individuals now have the right to get married. But a vendor asked to service their nuptials cannot legally refuse. That presents a glaring hypocrisy in the law which must be resolved.

A couple from Minnesota has risen to the task. From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:



Anonymous said...

They should be able to serve who they want.

Anonymous said...

Once we get Mr Trump in place, he will be able to appoint some judges who understand this concept, and perhaps apply some persuasive federal pressure on those who don't.

Robert said...

Is it legal for someone to be refused service if they have no shoes or no shirt ??

Anonymous said...

A private business should be able to serve whomever they want.

Anonymous said...

If you open a business that opens to serve the public, you must serve the public. You don't get to pick and choose.

Want to discriminate? That's o.k. too. Form a private club that people have to sign up for and only do work with those people.

Problem solved.

Your freedom of religion is yours. If your religion says don't be gay, YOU get exercise YOUR religious beliefs to not be gay. You don't get to impose upon your religion upon others to tell them what to do, or impose your religious beliefs upon others.