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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Proposed Campground Off Route 611 Worries Neighbors On Environment, Traffic Fronts

BERLIN – Kingsnakes. Bald eagles. Wood ducks. Swans. Deer. Quail.

They’re among the seemingly endless variety of wildlife seen along Ayres Creek any given day. Residents of the area are worried that could change with the construction of a 311-site rental campground on the former Pine Shore Golf property on Route 611.

“It’s going to have a severe impact on the Ayres Creek habitat,” local resident Joan Jenkins said.

She would know. Jenkins lives on Ayres Creek, next door to the defunct golf course. A narrow gut of water is all that separates her property from the shoreline that preliminary plans show as the campground’s area for “water dependent activities.”

Jenkins and several of her neighbors are working together to share news of the campground’s proposed redevelopment with the community. They’re hoping enough public opposition will halt the project, which is dependent on the county’s rezoning of the golf course and approval of a special exception for a campground.



Anonymous said...

If she is so concerned about all the critters then why don't she give up her home and put it back into nature?
Oh that's right, I forgot, I have what I want but doesn't want anybody else to have anything

Anonymous said...

She wants her "yard" to be a nature sanctuary, but doesn't want to pay for it. She just wants to tell someone else what to do, or not to do, with the land that THEY paid for. She and her neighbors should pony up and buy the land that they oppose development on....or shut up.

Anonymous said...

That whole bunch over there are a bunch of whiny troublemakers.They're just an extension of the self important a-holes down the road at the pines.

Anonymous said...

The earth belongs to the people.
People are always more important than animals.

The animals were created (by God)for the people.

Anonymous said...

Who needs them animals and birds? You can see them in the zoo. Same with the fish that the "tournaments" kill, you can see them on the internet and in museums.

I'd rather live next to chicken house than a bunch of traveling trailer/camper trash rednecks playing loud music and drinking/drugging all night. Those usually are the people to cheap to spend money on hotels and restaurants. A real boon to the economy.

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:01 you must not have stayed in an OC campground recently. Call Castaways and ask them what the rates are, or go online. Just be sitting down when they tell you.
Those cheap skates bought an expensive truck to pull their expensive campers down to the rip off beach called Ocean City. They certainly have more money than you and I.
Remember that you can't drink all day if you don't start early.

Anonymous said...

RAAD (retirees against any development)is one reason why there is no growth here.

Anonymous said...

You are an animal, and not a very smart one.