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Wednesday, November 09, 2016


Dear Readers,

President-elect, Donald J Trump made many promises during his campaign, and in his victory speech moments ago (at the time of this writing) that are important in healing the country. We must now hold him accountable to those promises as fervently as we supported his election.

If he does what he says, and frankly, his ego is too big to fail, he will open the tent wider for the Republicans. He has changed the party he claims for the foreseeable future. This is the best benefit of the election. Imagine how strong the Republican elections will become if delivers on his inclusive message.

You don't have to go to the inner-cities to see problems. You can look here on the peninsula and in Salisbury in particular. Fixing inner-cities is something that MUST be done. This will need to be a many pronged approach. Jobs, crackdowns on gangs and even in urban areas opening government run grocery stores to end food deserts in the cities.

He promised to build the wall. This is good for all Americans. There are plenty of Mexican to American naturalized citizens who came here legally who support this. I knew several folks in my travels in Arizona who made that clear to me. But also made clear to me, is that they also want comprehensive immigration reform.

This reform should include worker visas with close watch on expiration dates and strong penalties for those who violate their dates. Perhaps as strong as not issuing an offender a repeat or extended work visa.

Rounding up illegal immigrant violent criminals is key to any immigration policy. They need to do time for their crime, and then be returned, (deported) to their home country.

Repealing and replacing Obamacare is a key factor, but it must be done with great care, and continuation of coverage for people on this insurance until the replacement has been voted on, signed into law, and a total switch made. The ACA wasn't all bad, but there are better, and less expensive ways to accomplish the goal.

Rebuilding the military. If we needed to go to war now we might not be ready. The wars in Iraq and Afghnistan took a toll on ours equipment. Battles in the sand have reduced our effectiveness because equipment has been waiting to be repaired. That equipment must be repaired, refurbished and be made ready to deploy is if the members of Congress lives depended on it. That way, our young men and women can have assurance their equipment will not fail them in time of need.

Jobs. If Trump doesn't deliver there, he will devastate the country even further. He has experience creating jobs, and I believe he has the skill and knowledge to keep good policies and end bad policies. If he delivers on the promise to steel and coal, he will do much to bring the middle-class back. This means foreign trade deals that work for us and not against us.

Theater. He needs to speak often to the American people. Those who had no problem with corruption at the highest levels in the country, need to be talked off the ledge. They need reminded of what we really are as Americans.

What do you think President-elect Donald J Trump should do on his first day in office? What do you think he could do on Innauguration Day that would be impacting and set a tone?

Please leave your comments below.

Yours in the Constitution,
Thomas Paine


Anonymous said...

Build the wall and school vouchers would be a great place to start:)

Anonymous said...

Develop a plan to begin shutting down the USPS.

Anonymous said...

Repeal all executive orders and appoint an noncorrupt Attorney General.

We have had corrupt AG for the last 8 years.

Anonymous said...

During the campaign and in his victory speech pres-elect Trump promised massive spending on infrastructure, even higher than Clinton proposed.
The Republican Congress shot down Obama's infrastructure spending, will it approve Trump's?

towjam said...

Appoint Trey Gowdy to prosecute Hillary and all of the Clinton Foundations shady characters.

Anonymous said...

First I like to say well written Mr Paine.
He should immediately start reforming Obama Care before we that have this insurance go bankrupt.
On Inauguration Day he should say a special prayer for those that have lost their life in the War

Anonymous said...

One thing that he must do is stay in touch with the American people on a regular basis through the media. There's an opportunity here for keeping the people informed and connected, which is something that has been lacking in the last eight years.

Anonymous said...

He is a strong, hard working, dedicated, determined leader; I totally trust that whatever he chooses to do first and from there on will be the best he can do for our Country. He does not want to be a failure.

He needs our continued prayers.