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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The death of elitism

Somewhere off U.S. 62 between Sharon, Pa., and Masory, Ohio, a sign reads, "You had your chance, it's our turn now."

That homemade sign, located in the fault line of this election in the Mahoning Valley between Ohio and Pennsylvania, in all its simplicity found a way to capture the essence of this presidential cycle.

In fact, it offered more insight into the discord between the American electorate and the governing elite than any pundit has been able to explain, let alone comprehend.

In short, the biggest takeaway from this election no matter who wins is that we have witnessed the end of elitism.



Anonymous said...

Now hiring "swamp drainers".These are shovel ready jobs.

Anonymous said...

Just take away the 500 billion of subsidies taxpayers give to the 300 largest corporations and you have the infrastructure money.

Anonymous said...

rebellion and pay back time for 60 years living hell we went though get our country back from these NWO

Anonymous said...

7:15 Roto Rooter comes to mind!

Anonymous said...

End of elitism and in particular the Clinton cartel.

Anonymous said...

Self proclaimed billionaire Trump is not an elitist? Please explain that to me.