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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Criminal Clinton Mafia allowed on ticket exposes Shadow masters: One Dollar, One Vote

We've been covering a topic for years that we have tried to elaborate in our book "Splitting Pennies - Understanding Forex" that the world is controlled by a secretive group of powerful "Elites" behind the scenes, what some call the "Shadow Government" and what others call "Illuminati" or just "Rockefellers." For the greater majority of people, they believe only what they see on TV. So when communicating with such people, obviously - they think we are crazy. But due to the way the programming works (exploitation of reptilian brain, via the amygdala) it also makes them irrational, and when showing facts to them or reasoning logically they can become emotional and even violent. It's like Dogma vs. Reason, the paradoxical conflict to which there is really no solution. So how do we know about this? Because in Forex, sometimes you see things that just aren't possible otherwise. Forex isn't like other markets, there's no transparency, there's not anything like there is in futures, bonds, or stocks. So let's elaborate on one example, which is a good Forex example for this election; George Soros.

What this election has done - it's brought all the facts to bear for the public to see via Wikileaks. So people who are voting for Clinton - they are voting for a criminal enterprise. Clinton is not the 'head' of this enterprise, but a public representative, a puppet, a "consigliere." Never before has so much evidence been brought forth, in plain site, in black and white. If you haven't done so already - have a peek in the emails here at Wikileaks.


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