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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Union calls Baltimore Circuit Court's bed bug policy 'harassment'

BALTIMORE —WBAL-TV 11 News recently uncovered a problem of bed bugs at the courthouses downtown. Now, the court has issued a new policy, aimed at employees, to help get the problem under control, but the union said the policy amounts to harassment.

The new policy for Baltimore's Circuit Court isn't sitting well with employees, according to their union rep.

"The policy's got to be rescinded, because it's an unjust policy. The only reason they come up with this policy is to cover their behinds," said Bishop Barry Chapman, AFSCME Local 3674.

The policy comes after reports of bedbugs at both Mitchell and Courthouse East. The new policy sets forth a new reporting and investigative procedure for employees suspected of bringing bedbugs to work with them.



Anonymous said...

uh, no. You, my employer, or the government, can not inspect my home.

Infact that BS policy the city has trying to force their way into "rental" inspections is also harassment. I said, thank you but no thank you. Bother the slum lords, there are plenty to keep you busy.

They pick on the most ridiculous crap for those who have decent homes while turning a blind eye to the obvious slum properties.

When you clean those up, then you can come visit me.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the creep I live beside never keeps their property cleaned up.